Thursday, September 25, 2014

RoberCon This Weekend!

I'm really looking forward to this weekend. I'm been invited to take part in my first Science Fiction convention: RoberCon 2014 in Binghamton, NY, September 27th and 28th. (It is called RoberCon because it takes place at the wonderful Roberson Museum and Science Center on Front Street.)

You can get all the info here: ROBERCON 2014

The author Guest of Honor is Laura Anne Gilman, and there will be a number of other authors, vendors, and fan groups. (Not to mention Cosplay, of course.) I wish I could got to ALL the panels, they are that cool. (Doctor Who! Star Wars!)

Here's where I'll be and what I'll be doing:


11 A.M. Author Reading: Deborah Blake Susan Waters Room (second floor of mansion) Deborah Blake is the author of eight books on pagan practices (published through Llewellyn Books). Her paranormal romance series, Baba Yaga, launched in September, with the release of Wickedly Dangerous.
12 P.M.
From Your Mind to the Page: Making Your Ideas a Reality
Activity Lab (second floor of museum)
Presenters: Crystal Sarakas (moderator), Laura Anne Gilman, Joshua Palmatier, Deborah Blake
Lots of people come up with ideas for a story, but how do writers carry those to completion? We’ll talk with authors about the nitty-gritty of writing, from that first spark of an idea to seeing your idea in print and all the glamour and work in between.


11 A.M.
By the Gods Above: Paganism in Genre Fiction and Media
Activity Lab (second floor of museum)
Presenters: Crystal Sarakas (moderator), April Steenburgh, Deborah Blake
Many books and genre television and movies feature witchcraft, magic and myths from around the world. For some, this is just fiction. For others, it’s the reflection of a serious religious path. How much of what you read and watch is “true” and what makes most pagans laugh out loud in amusement?

1 P.M.
Everybody Wants to Rule the World: Writers and Worldbuilding
Activity Lab (second floor of museum)
Presenters: Crystal Sarakas (moderator), Laura Anne Gilman, Joshua Palmatier, Deborah Blake, Jill Shultz
What are the rules of worldbuilding? What are some of our panelists’ favorite examples of worldbuilding done right? How much detail should you go into, and how do you make sure that the plot is central, and not the scenery?

3 P.M.
Women Writers: Their Influence and Future
Computer Lab (second floor of museum)
Presenters: Jill Shultz (moderator), Deborah Blake, Roberta Rogow, Laura Anne Gilman
From Mary Shelley to J.K. Rowling, women have profoundly influenced SF and fantasy. Yet according to the book review statistics, we’re still overlooked — and many casual readers believe women only write certain kinds of stories. We’ll bust some myths and add to your “to-be-read” pile.
 I hope that if you're in the area, you'll come see me, and join in all the fun! And if you see me wandering around the con, be sure to come up and say hi.


  1. This is off topic, but I couldn't figure out how to e-mail you and wanted to let you know that I recommended Wickedly Magical and Wickedly Dangerous to the Broward County Library system for e-book purchase and got an e-mail today that both works were purchased. Now library patrons in my area can enjoy both works via their e-readers.

    I'm looking forward to purchasing Wickedly Wonderful when it becomes available.

    Have fun at the Science Fiction convention.

    1. Update to my post... I just checked the Broward County Library site and not only did they purchase your two fiction works, they also purchased four of your non-fiction works in e-book format. And the fiction works have already been checked out by someone else. Why yes, I am a book pimp and proud of it.

    2. Thanks for pimping me, Cathy! I appreciate it :-)

  2. Inspired by Cathy, I finally figured out how to suggest a purchase at Louisville Free Public Library, and did the same. (They already have three of your non-fiction.)
    When I search for Deborah Blake as a keyword, the system returns those three titles, but it also asks me "Did you mean 'Deeper polka?' " which makes me laugh. Do you like your alias?

    Mary Anne in Kentucky

    1. Deeper Polka...ah, yes, you have discovered my secret identity. (And made me laugh like a hyena.)

      Thanks so much for suggesting me to your library!