Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Guest post at Llewellyn Journal online

Hi all,

I'm sorry not to have posted much lately--crazy busy preparing for the Ren Faire trip with the Blue Moon Circle gang this weekend, keeping up with the garden, a friend in town from AZ, and all the usual writing stuff.

But you can check out my guest post at Llewellyn's online Journal here:

Also, don't forget to run out and get a copy of the current edition of WITCHES & PAGANS Magazine--my 1st column is in there! "Magick on a Shoestring" is a new column I'll be writing for them from now on, and I'm really excited.

If you read either the guest post at Llewellyn or the column, PRETTY PLEASE come back here and tell me what you think!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Handfasting--Joy and Responsibility

I officiated at a handfasting earlier today. And it was lovely.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the word, a handfasting is a pagan wedding ritual. It comes from the old practice of having the couple's hands tied together during the ceremony; that's why they still call getting married "tying the knot."

See, you've learned something!

As a high priestess, I've been fortunate enough to help a number of couples celebrate their special day. I consider it to be part of my role as priestess; a service to my community.

It is a little overwhelming to think of the responsibility that comes with this task--tying a couple together both spiritually and (in most cases) legally. Not something to be undertaken lightly, especially in light of the fact that Witches believe words to have power, and vows even moreso.

But it is also a great joy and and a great honor to stand with a couple and accept those vows.

Each new handfasting makes me think of all those which went before. Some, like the first one I did, were unconventional (two Pagan women who wanted a formal ritual to solemnize their commitment to each other, even if they couldn't have a legally binding ceremony). Some, like the formal wedding of my best pal Robin and her wonderful husband, George, were a combination of traditional wedding and Pagan rite. (Not so difficult as it sounds, since many of the traditions come from Pagan origins in the first place!)

Each one was different, and special, and a little bit magical. I think my favorite part is when I lift the goblet and say:

Let it be known that no man is greater than a woman, nor woman greater than a man. For what one lacks, the other can give. And when they are joined, it is magic in truth, for there is no greater magic in the world than love.

I could use a little bit of that magic myself. But until I find it, it is my great pleasure to share in the magical day of others. Best wishes to Patti and Chris--may you walk the path together in joy and merriment.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Feline

I promise I'll try to put up a real blog post later, but for now, here is your Friday Feline to keep you entertained.

Hope everyone had a great week, and is looking forward to an even better weekend!

Here's mamma Minerva, dealing with the hot and hazy summer as only a cat can...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another great review!

Check out this great review for the new Everyday Witch A to Z Spellbook

I love it when people love me! (Well, or my books, anyway.)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Interview and Review

I had a rough night last night, but this morning made up for it in spades. When I went online, I found a great review of my newest book that I wasn't expecting, and there is an interview with me up at The Wiccan/Pagan Times. Go check 'em out, and if you'd like to come back here and comment (and leave comments there, so I don't look pitiful and friendless), I'd really appreciate it!

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday (or whatever day it is where you are).

(you may have to copy and paste the links, since I can't seem to make the insert links command work)

Friday, July 9, 2010

And the Winners Are...

Thanks to everyone who commented on my "Release Day" blog and helped me celebrate the big day. You all rock!

The winners of the contest were:

Amy Lynn -- signed copy of the new Spellbook

Beth Bartlett -- signed copy of the cover flat

Teresa Reasor -- signed copy of Circle, Coven & Grove

Contact me at mysticmagicminerva at yahoo and give me your snailmail addys, and I will get your prizes out to you right away. I really appreciate you helping to spread the word!


Thursday, July 8, 2010


I've been thinking a lot lately about community, mostly as a result of my participation in two online communities: The Creativity Cauldron Loop that was started at the request of folks who'd taken my online writing classes, and, the ongoing blog of author Lucy March/Lani Diane Rich.

Although these two online communities are populated by two very different sets of people--the Cauldron is primarily authors and aspiring authors, and Lucy March is mostly readers, with a sprinkling of authors--they have much in common. All the folks who frequent these two sites are friendly, supportive of each other, insightful and often wise, and willing to share their own trials and tribulations for the betterment of others.

What more could you ask for?

I am that interesting contradiction: a loner who has, by some inexplicable good fortune, acquired many wonderful friends. And when I look at the communities I am a part of, I am truly amazed and astounded by the richness they bring to my life.

There is my Pagan community, my artist community (which is a direct result of running the Artisans' Guild for almost 11 years), and my writing community, which includes the two bunches of people named above, and more talented and generous authors than I could name.

Who is in your community and what do they bring to your life?

I am a lucky woman, indeed. Thank you for being a part of my community.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Guest blog at Fang-tastic Books & last chance to win!

Check out my guest blog over at Fang-tastic Books, talking about my thing for witches :-)

Comment for a chance to win a free book! (Even if you don't want a copy of the book, please leave a comment so I don't look like an unpopular, friendless wonder, eh? Pretty please?)

And there is still one more day to comment on the last post here and win a free copy on the new Spellbook. DO IT NOW, PEOPLE!

I'll be picking a winner on Wednesday.