Sunday, February 15, 2009

I win, I win, I win!

Got the call last night (happy Valentine's Day to me!) that I had won 1st in the contemporary series catagory of the West Houston RWA "EMILY" contest. It's my first "1st" (I have a couple of 2nds) so I am really tickled pink. In addition, I was told that the judging editor, Patience Smith of Silhouette, asked to see the full. Woot!

Of course, it is odd that I won in CS, since I am usually in the paranormal catagory [for some reason I entered both in this idea why...must have been that little voice in my head...and didn't final in the paranormal catagory). And my mss isn't really Silouette material, although you never know. I was aiming more at LUNA or MIRA. Still, just having the request makes me feel like I am on the right track and getting closer to my goal...

I hope everyone else had something wonderful happen this weekend :-)

Doing the happy dance,

Monday, February 2, 2009

Update on January Goals and new February Goals

I didn't manage to accomplish all my writing goals for January, although I made a fairly good dent in them. Here is my report for last month and the month to come:

Writing Goals

This Week (Feb 2-Feb 8):
1. Update blog
2. Enter “Chase the Dream” contest again
3. Write G-H on Everyday Witch A to Z Spellbook
4. Write 20 new pages in King Me!
5. Read and edit Writer’s Group pal Shannon’s book chap 9-12

Last Month (January 2009)
1. done Finish all edits on WEWYC (set aside other than agent/contest submissions)
2. did only thru F Complete thru “L” on Everyday Witch Spellbook
3. done Review and revise first 100+ pages of King Me!
4. did 3, decided to wait on more Send 10 queries for WEWYC (if necessary)
5. got verbal “yes” and waiting on contract Get contract for Everyday Witch Spellbook
6. done Update blog weekly
7. Write up outline for Witch Ever Way You Turn didn’t get to
8. Write additional 50 pages on first draft of King Me! Didn’t get to
9. Find 2 opportunities for freelance article writing did one of 2
This Month (February 2009)
1. Update blog weekly
2. Enter one contest
3. Complete G-M on Everyday Witch A to Z
4. Complete 50 additional pages on King Me!
5. Work with webmaster to update website

How are you doing with your goals?