Tuesday, May 26, 2020

And Then Things Got Worse

So you know how there's a pandemic on, and we're all having a tough time? Yeah, I thought you'd probably heard about that. Like, it has been on the news and everything.
I've mostly been pretty fortunate through the last few months. I mean, obviously I am stressed, like everyone else, and my shop is closed and we don't know if it will survive, and I have had a tough time concentrating or writing or accomplishing anything. But no one I know has died, all my friends and family are okay so far, and I am doing okay financially between unemployment and a big burst in purchases on my Etsy shop (NO idea why). Plus my fabulous Patreon peeps, all of whom have stuck with me during a time when I thought people might be leaving in droves.
So I really haven't had anything to complain about, comparatively speaking. 
And then the last couple of weeks happened.
The first inkling of trouble was during a major rain storm the Friday before last. I've had an intermittent leak in the roof for a few years that only shows up when the storms are really bad, and drips into my dining room. My repair guy has tried everything and has never been able to fix it. That Friday, the House Guest and I discovered a second leak--at 10 PM--directly over her bed upstairs. Further investigation showed that it had probably happened before, when no one was in the room to see it. My repair guy checked it out today and say that not only is the entire ceiling in that room probably going to have to be ripped out and redone (it's masonite, so that will be a messy and difficult task), but I also will need a new roof.
The old roof is less than 9 years old. (They should last for a minimum of 20-25.) For now, I've moved the House Guest into the other upstairs room, and now I will have to search for someone to put on a roof--in a hurry. Without charging me a bazillion dollars. Wish me luck with that.
There also appear to be a new infestation of rats. Yes, RATS. Probably because someone down the street recently got chickens. Rats don't just show up out of nowhere. But they can cause a lot of damage, and also EW, RATS. So now I get to kill some rats. Are we having fun yet?
Plus poor Koshka is gouging off his fur in spots on his face, so he probably has developed some kind of allergy, poor baby. I have to take him to the vet tomorrow, which should be interesting because A) we're in the middle of a heatwave and B) last I knew, the vet wasn't allowing anyone to come in with their animals, and I'm not quite sure how the heck you're supposed to tell them what's wrong if you can't be there.
If I haven't thanked you recently for your support, well, consider yourselves thanked.
Also, can this be enough for now, please?

Friday, May 1, 2020

Happy Beltane

It's May 1st (what the heck happened to March and April?!). A new month, and a new start, hopefully with better times on the way.

It's also May Day and Beltane, for those who celebrate. Normally, this would mean getting together with Blue Moon Circle for a ritual and feast, but of course, this year we can't gather together. It makes me sad, but I have lots of wonderful memories of Beltanes past, and hope for future holidays when things are back to (sort of) normal.

In the meanwhile, I hope that you have a blessed day, and if you don't celebrate, that the blossoming of May Day lifts your spirits. Thank you for spending another month with me.

This was from Beltane a couple of years ago. I might have a tiny solitary Beltane bonfire later...if it ever stops raining.