Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall Equinox Spell for Balance

The fall or autumnal equinox, known as Mabon on the Pagan Wheel of the Year, starts today, Monday the 22nd at 10:29 EDT. Many calendars show it tomorrow, the 23rd, in part because of the difference in time zones Why fall begins Monday. (In fact, my Llewellyn calendar says it is today, my cute cat calendar says tomorrow.) It doesn't really matter when you celebrate, though. Blue Moon Circle got together yesterday.

Cider in the chalice, ginger cookies & homemade bread & fresh tomatoes--it must be Mabon!

What does matter is that once again, we are shifting gears; moving from the long bright days of summer to the more measured pace of autumn. Things aren't necessarily obviously slower yet, as we still have to finish the harvest (whether actual or metaphorical), but we can tell the things are winding down.

On the equinox, the darkness and light are equal, so this makes the day the perfect time to do some magickal work for balance. Who couldn't use more of that in their lives?

Here is a spell for balance from my book, EVERYDAY WITCH A TO Z SPELLBOOK (Llewellyn, 2010).

Optional Extras: Four items to represent Earth, Air, Fire and Water (for instance, a rock, a feather, a small candle and a bowl of water), one black candle and one white candle
Note: Since this is a spell for balance, make sure your altar is set up in a balanced way. Start by visualizing the imbalances in your life or a particular situation (too much work or stress, not enough love) and picture them being balanced out by whatever you are lacking. If you are too overwhelmed to even figure out what you need, just feel yourself opening up to whatever the gods send in response to your prayer. Then light the dark and light candles.

Earth and Air, Water and Fire
Grant to me my heart’s desire
Balance now my troubled life
Wash away confusion’s strife

Even out the high and low
Gently soothe the ebb and flow
Dark and light in balance be
From extremes please set me free

Calm, serene and peaceful I
With ease and grace my days will fly
As above and so below
Balance to my life bestow


  1. I love that Deb, it is what I will be using tonight. Love to everyone!

    1. Recognize the smudge stick in the picture, Kathy? It is the one you made and sent to Chris. She suggested we use it so you would be with us in spirit :-)

  2. I thought of you when I changed the plates on the mantel. I'm not very ceremonious about it, I just put the old plate away and get out the new one and make sure the flowers (in season) next to it are fresh, but I get great satisfaction from doing it. The plates I use for summer and for fall were both painted by my great-great-aunt, who was very special to my mother.
    Mary Anne in Kentucky