Saturday, April 18, 2009

The new book is out!

It’s here! Sound the trumpets and send up the fireworks! My new book, The Goddess is in the Details: Wisdom for the Everyday Witch is finally out from Llewellyn and available at Amazon and your local bookstore. It has gotten rave advance reviews, which is very exciting. Notable Pagan authors Z. Budapest, Edain McCoy and Denise Dumars were kind enough to write blurbs for the book, too. Huzzah! I got the box of books I ordered the other day, and I have to tell you, there is very little in life that is more satisfying for an author than holding your “baby” in your hands for the first time.

Didn’t Llewellyn do a great job on the cover? Kudos to the artist, and to my two wonderful editors, Elysia Gallo and Becky Zins.

I am so excited, I am going to run a special “blog only” contest. Until the end of May, people will have the chance to post links to this announcement and/or to my website and/or to the book on Amazon in as many places they can think of. The person who can send me proof that they’ve posted in the most places will win a free copy of the new book, signed by me. Just contact me through my website or this blog. If anyone manages to find over 50 places to post links (blogs, loops, facebook, twitter, myspace, etc), I will send them copies of ALL THREE of my books! So go out and spread the word!

And I hope you will find and enjoy the new book!

Monday, April 6, 2009

April news and the EMILY Best of the Best Award

Hi All,

Happy “theoretical” spring! Here in upstate New York, we are still doing the moody swing between sunny and 60 and raining/snowing/30 blech.

But I have news to brighten the darkest day, so I don’t care!

I was notified that I won the EMILY contest “Best of the Best” award. They take the winners of all the various categories (I won “Romantic Suspense,” although my novel is really a paranormal with romantic suspense) and pick, well, the best of the best. And that was ME! I’m still over the moon about it.
Better yet, my prize was that I got to send the 1st 3 chapters of WITCH EVER WAY YOU CAN to Leis Pederson, at Berkley. Let’s hope she likes it!

I am hard at work editing my second novel, KING ME! – a humorous paranormal romance about a modern witch who accidentally brings back King Arthur to save the world. Oops. Many thanks to my “First Readers”: Judith Levine, Caere Dunn, and my two writing partners, Robin Wright and Saoirse Redgrave. You guys rock! As soon as I get through the first round of edits, I’ll be sending the first 65 pages or so to fabbo author and professional editor, Mindy Klasky.

Speaking of my pal Saoirse, she got great news, too. (Way better than mine, really.) Her YA werewolf tale, 13 TO LIFE, which won the contest, has been “snapped up” by a great publisher! More details later when everything is official, but in the meanwhile, big cheers for Saoirse!

I’m more than midway through writing my fourth book for Llewellyn, THE EVERYDAY WITCH A TO Z SPELLBOOK. Today I started working on the “Q” spells, so it’s moving along nicely. And of course, book 3, THE GODDESS IS IN THE DETAILS: WISDOM FOR THE EVERYDAY WITCH comes out in May!

Booksigning news next time J

Many bright blessings, and may spring bring you good news, too!