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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Weedy Wednesday: The Garden Explodes

No, I'm not setting off grenades in the garden :-) But you hit a certain point in the summer when some sections of your garden just seem to explode. It's pretty cool...

 That's the spaghetti squash bed, which is overflowing on the the tomatoes behind it (which you can't see) and the garden plot around it. Back and to the right you can see the soybeans.
 My little corn patch (which I thought wasn't going to make it this year, since winds knocked them over weeks ago, but thankfully they have mostly bounced back--on the other hand, they aren't tassling up much, so we'll see). Next to them are the tomato plants, which sadly, are NOT having an exploding kind of year.
This is one of my two golden delicious apple trees. I had them heavily trimmed back the last couple of years and they must have liked it, because they are absolutely covered with apples. They won't be ready to eat until early October, alas.

In other news, there has been an enthusiastic response to my question about whether or not people wanted the crystals & gemstone magick class, so we will definitely be doing that next month. I'll let you know when Heather gets the registration set up!

What is your favorite fresh fruit or veggie during the summer?


  1. For summer, I love peaches and watermelon. Although I don't grow either, I'm an enthusiastic purchaser of both.

    I feel for you and the lack of a tomato explosion. I've grown tomatoes in large containers and have thrown in the towel on that attempt. I would get nice plants and some good tomatoes, but the effort and expense didn't seem justified by the less than exploding results.

    Good luck on the apples. They look great. That should be something to look forward to when most other plants are past harvesting.

    1. Some years my tomato plants do great, some not. Sadly, this is a NOT year.

  2. Our blueberries are doing quite well and we discovered tomatoes in the sand piles dug up during the removal of the old deck. So the tomato plants weren't staked or caged upright and are sprawling across the sand, and are healthy and as productive as can be! Given that we've had a very sunny and hot spring and summer, the tomatoes are doing great this year!

  3. YAY FOR GARDEN EXPLOSION! It all looks so wonderful! Sadly, I have neither the time nor patience, nor really space, to try to grow anything and make it worthwhile.

    YAY for class! 8D!!!

    I think I'd have to go with cherries. I /love/ cherries! And plums. ...not sure either is actually particularly a "summer" fruit, though.

  4. Your garden looks great.
    Cherries are my favorite summer fruit. Tomatoes are my favorite summer veg even though they are actually a fruit.