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Friday, August 23, 2013

Feline Friday: The Boy Cat Version

I have five cats, as most of you know. I talk a lot about Magic the Cat (Queen of the Universe), but I have been *ahem* forcibly reminded that it would be a good idea to occasionally focus on some of the other members of the household

Psst...Mystic, you can get off my foot now!

Magic's brother Mystic is huge. Not fat, just a really, really large cat. Most people who see him do a double-take, which is always kind of amusing. When they were kittens, he and Magic were the same size, but Mystic had humongous paws. I should have known.

Magic and her mom weigh about 11 lbs, which is pretty normal for your average cat. Mystic is just under 17 lbs. His shoulders are about two inches higher.

Here he is with his pal Angus. I'm pretty sure they're saying something like, "Boy cats rule, girl cats drool."

Here's Mystic, resting up after a long day of eating, napping, and chasing his sister. It's hard work, being a giant cat.

And just for fun here's an amusing little .gif that my friend Skye sent me yesterday :-)
It's called "Why cats don't do yoga." Tee hee.
This is exactly what happens when I try to do yoga!

Happy Friday! Anyone have fun plans for this weekend? (I'm just working on revisions, gardening, cleaning, and helping a friend clean. And making some jewelry, hopefully.)


  1. Your fellows are quite handsome! Our boy cat is big and fluffy and a total affection addict.

    My weekend plans are simple: clean and work on my freelance job. Maybe I'll take a walk. I hope it's sunny: right now outside it's very cloudy and breezy.

  2. Great cats! :) Weekend plans include catching up on some work, going to a local Pagan pride festival!, and relaxing with my own cats. P.S. I just registered for the Crystals and Gemstones class!

    1. Ooh, I love Pagan Pride festivals. We don't have one nearby, so it has been a few years since I went to one. Have fun! And I'll see you in class!

  3. Love to see the cats anytime!
    For the weekend I'm working, working out and hopefully on Sunday I will write some on my wip.

  4. Oh, how do I register for your class? Did I miss an email?

    1. You are fine, Skye. We don't send out the invites to the Yahoo class loop until a few days before class starts.

  5. I'll be critiquing a writing peer's first fifty pages, reading for classes, and enjoying my family this weekend... and hopefully, getting to do a little writing of my own! My poor wip is woefully neglected...