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Thursday, August 1, 2013

THE END: And There Was Happy Dancing

Yesterday I typed two of my favorite words in the English Language...
THE END. The 2nd Baba Yaga book (tentatively titled The Baba Yaga's Sister) is done. Well, done for now, since this is just the polished first draft, and will go through a number of revisions before coming out in book form late next year. But still, DONE.
Insert the happy dance of your choice here :-)

This book has been interesting to write, since it is an odd combination of a series novel with completely new characters and settings, but the same basic world set-up. It actually got off to a slow-ish start, as I was trying to find my way, but apparently then it Ate My Brain, because when I looked at my whiteboard, where I track my daily word count [I'll put up a picture later, when I have more time] I discovered that somehow--don't ask me how, I have no idea--I wrote 65,432 words in July. Yoinks! The one time I did NANOWRIMO, where you are supposed to write 50,000 words in a month, I barely made it through, and swore never to attempt it again. So, well, there's that.

[Honestly, I think that part of it is that I was in so much pain from my dental stuff, I literally wrote to put myself in a different world. I am not, however, suggesting using dental torture as a writing too.]

Mind you, I'm assuming that my writing that fast means that there will probably be more editing down the road than usual. I do a polish on the previous day's writing before I start each new day, so my so-called first draft is really quite neat.But I'm sure I  missed things in the rush.

The book has now gone off to Elaine, my agent, and a couple of first readers, who will all very kindly tell me what's wrong with it, so I can make it all shiny before sending it off to my editor at Berkley.

Of course, I now get to go back and do the edits I got from Leis at Berkley for the first BABA book. But still...



  1. YAY! And those are wonderful happy dance gifs, too. :) I'm very happy for you.

  2. Yays! *applause* :D Brilliant :D


    Sorry for not replying to posts for a while. Life's been stupid crazy for the past month-plus, leaving me brainless or sick or both. I've been reading the posts, though! <3

  4. Well done - wow that's some writing speed!
    Dance away :)

    1. Thanks other Deborah. Frankly, it was pretty crazy!

  5. Congratulations!!! That's wonderful news. I think we need a video of a happy dance of you and your kitties to round out the celebrations and festivities.

    1. Yes, but if I'm dancing, who would tape the video???? :-)

  6. Love Capt.Mel! Congrats, girl!!

  7. Congratulations! Sometimes the end is so hard to get to! As for myself, I need to stop letting other stories interrupt my work.