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Monday, August 12, 2013

Registration Open for Crystals & Gemstones Class

This is it, folks...the last class on my witchcraft and writing loop. Sniffle. I may do one somewhere down the line, but for now, I'm giving them up to concentrate on my writing career.

So many of you requested the Crystals & Gemstones Magick class, I decided to go ahead and give that anyway. It will be next month, September 23rd-26th at the Workshop Blog -- the class is posted daily to an online Yahoo loop, and I pop in and out to answer questions and respond to comments. It isn't time zone sensitive, so you can take it no matter where you live. Go here to register Workshop Registration Page and you will be sent an invitation to the loop right before the class starts.

While you're registering for the crystals class (towards the bottom of the page), you might want to also register for Heather Long's final class, "Pre-Writing," which is a fabulous tool for authors. That class runs at the end of this month, from the 26th-30th. Heather helped me start and run the online loop (which would never have happened otherwise, since I am simply not that tech savvy), so I'd love to send her out with a big thank you from everyone who has taken classes there.

If you missed it, you can still take the ongoing year-long Sabbats class. All of the information from the Sabbats already posted is still available, and we will be adding new info for Mabon, Samhain, and Yule.

I hope to see you at my last class, but either way, stay tuned for bigger and better things here!