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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

IT'S RELEASE DAY! Wickedly Powerful is Out at Last

Is it just me, or have we been waiting a looonnnnggg time for book three in the Baba Yaga series to come out?

Well, it's here now! Happy Release Day to Me! (And to everyone else who has been waiting for it.)

Well, what are you hanging around here for? Go buy it/read it/spread the word/other activity of your choice.

Yay! Release Day!

(And happy release day to Jim C. Hines, who also has a book out today. And will be here tomorrow with a guest blog, while I guest blog over at his place.)


  1. I'm very excited & am on way out to pick up my reserved copy from B&N.:))

  2. I blazed (see what I did there?) through it last night and loved it! I'll miss the focus on the Babas but I'm looking forward to reading more about the Riders!

    I read a ton of fairy tales in my teens and remembered Baba herself pretty well, but I didn't remember the Riders so it's been fun seeing them woven in.