Monday, May 25, 2015

Magical Monday: A Spell for Bravery

In honor of Memorial Day, which we in the USA are celebrating this weekend (even though it is actually at the end of the month--that's the way we roll here), here is a spell for Bravery.

Most of us don't have to go into actual battle, thank goodness, but life can be a pretty daunting experience sometimes, and most of us have circumstances now and again where we could use a little more courage. I hope this spell (from Everyday Witch A to Z Spellbook, Llewellyn 2010) helps you when you need a little boost.


Goal: To boost courage when needed
Optional Extras: Orange or red candle, piece of carnelian or tigers eye—if you want, light a yellow candle for air, a red candle for fire, a blue candle for water, a green candle for earth and a white candle for spirit
Notes: This is a simple spell and can be said any time you need a boost. Write it down and tuck the paper in a wallet or pocket if you need to, or carry the stone with you.

Gods grant me courage
To face what lies ahead
And deal with the challenges
In the best way possible

Earth lend me strength
And make me strong and grounded
Air blow fear away
And keep my head clear

Fire burn away doubt
That would sap my will
And water calm and sooth me
So I might go with the flow

Spirit burn strong within me
That I might be brave
In the face of difficulty
Gods grant me courage
Gods grant me courage

So mote it be


  1. Thank you for sharing this one Deborah!

  2. thank you for sharing with us. I think we could all use a little help with trying to be brave to deal with things in our lives.