Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Luna Update: Twins from Different Mothers

Don't let that innocent face fool you. I guarantee she is plotting something...

I figured it was time for an update on Luna, the kitty I adopted back in March. The short version is this: she’s happy, healthy…and driving me crazy. The long version is a bit more complicated, but mostly she is doing well. Mystic the gigantic gray boy is still going after her, alas, but she is figuring out some high spots where he can’t reach her, and has made friends with yellow boy Angus, who at eight years old is the next youngest and still very much a kitten at heart.

Angus and Luna playing.

I've had to buy a lot of new cat toys.
The vet finally decided, back in March, that she was about six months old, which would mean she is about seven months and a half months old now. Still very kittenish and full of beans. Just like my author friend’s cat Miss Paddington, also known as Paddy.

In fact, the two kitties look so much alike, they might be twins. (And yes, they’re BOTH still wide-eyed and full of mischief.)

That's Paddy on the left and Luna on the right. See what I mean!

Karen Rose Smith and I actually “met” through our mutual love of cats. I commented on a blog post she wrote about one of her rescue cats, and talked about how all mine were rescues too. She invited me to write a guest post about my cats, and so a beautiful friendship was born. We live in different states, so we haven’t met in person, but we’ve been there for each other when dealing with cat issues—she called me when she was worried about Halo, Paddy’s mom (Karen had never been present at a kitty delivery before, and I’d been a cat midwife a number of times), and I called her when I was bereft at the loss of Samhain right after Christmas (since she’d been through the same thing not that long before with one of her favorites).

Karen Rose Smith and Paddy
So it is kind of ironic that Paddy, the child of the cat she rescued last summer, and Luna, who I rescued this winter after she was found in a snow bank and put up for adoption by the vet who saved her life, look like mirror images of each other.

In fact, we’ve had so much fun with all our cat chat on Facebook, we ended up starting a Cat-Crazy Book-Lovers page HERE with two other cat-loving authors. The page is dedicated to people who love both cats and books, and apparently there are a lot of us out there! Every week one of the authors takes a turn doing a kitty (and sometimes book) related giveaway, and we are having a blast. If you're on Facebook, drop by and see us.

In the meanwhile, Luna is growing fast. She was tiny when I got her, only four and a half pounds. I haven’t taken her back to get weighed, but I’m pretty sure she’s gained weight. She has a long body and long legs, and even so is still much smaller than the other cats. It’s hard to say how big she is going to be when she finally stops growing, but I can say for certain that she gets prettier every day. Just like her twin, Miss Paddy.

Karen was talking about us on her blog today too. Go check it out if you have a minute. Karen's blog

So, anyone else have a cat who has a twin?


  1. So glad we "met." I never knew tortie's existed before Paddy. A whole new cat world! Luna is a beauty.

  2. So funny story related to this.... My cats actually look alike, almost like twins. My husband and I joke that we are like those crazy Pug people who only have pet Pugs, but instead our animal type are tabby cats. :)

    Our cat Freeway is about 11 or 12 years old. My husband has had him since he was a tiny kitten, maybe a couple weeks old. He took a ride in his mom's car engine for about 50 miles on the freeway, and when she opened the hood at her home to see what that "weird noise" was, lo & behold it was a tiny kitten who hitched a ride from her work to her home! So she gave it to her son who had been asking for a kitten (my husband, Anthony)! And they decided to name him Freeway because of his harrowing trip on the freeway. Anthony & Freeway have such a special bond because Freeway was super tiny and had to be bottle fed, so Freeway just adores my hubby and would do anything for him. They're so cute together, Freeway follows him around and is so excited when he comes home from work, just like a pet dog or something.

    Anyway, getting off track here - we've had Freeway forever, and he loves me and I love him but it was never as special of a bond as Freeway and Anthony have, so about 2 years ago we decided to adopt a new rescue cat, both to be a companion to Freeway (as he was used to have lots of animals around before) and for me. We thought we would adopt a more mature cat needing a home, and were kind of set on the idea of getting a sleek grey or grey & white one (though we were open to any that felt like a good fit for our lifestyle). So we went to the animal shelter and found some lovely cats but none of them were "the one" as far as we could tell.

    We were just about to leave and plan to come back another time, when we saw this little kitty thing sleeping in a kennel separate from all the other kitties. We asked why, and they said she'd just been brought in a couple days ago and was recovering from being spayed. They said she was a very young mama kitty, and was probably only about 6 months old herself but had already had kittens. She was incredibly tiny and precious, and started licking me the second I went to pet her. The thing that struck us the most was her appearance: big round golden-green eyes, dark tabby striped fur pattern, white belly and paws... She literally was the spitting image of our Freeway, except she was miniature (Freeway is a very hefty 23 pounder, this kitten was at most 8lbs), and she had two special little features: A tiny tuft of hair on the tip of her ears, and a short kinked bob tail.

    We knew immediately we couldn't pass on her because she looked just like a tiny Freeway so we took it as a sign! We adopted her the next day and brought her home and she's been terrorizing Freeway, peeing on our things, running like maniac flipping through the air, and most of all making us love her ever since. We've since found out she is part regular cat, and part bob cat, hence the tufted ears and the short tail - she is was they call a Pixie Bob. They are known for their exuberance and true to her nature she's a VERY spirited cat. She was much younger than we anticipated we would adopt, so it's been a challenge but it's been super fun, too, to have all that kitten-like energy in the house! Best of all, she's definitely "my" cat. It seems like she may have been abused by a male figure in the past because she's more skittish around men, but she curls up with me and definitely seems to have more of a bond with me than my hubby. We named this lil kitty Juno!

    If you would like to see what Juno and Freeway look like, I have created facebook pages for them! Please feel free to like their pages!

    Thanks for letting me share/brag about my babies haha.

    1. PS- Luna & Paddy are so cute, and I have always wanted either a torti or a calico cat!!

    2. Thanks for sharing, Jamie! What a wonderful story. I'm running over to Facebook to take a peek.