Monday, May 18, 2015

Magical Monday: Anxiety Spell

I often get requests for spells and other magical advice and tidbits. Just this week, one of my readers sent me a message on Facebook saying that she needed a house blessing for her new home, but she had already packed all her books. She wanted to know if I could help.

Anyone who has been around here for more than a couple of weeks can probably guess that my answer was, "Congratulations on your new home! And yes, of course I can." I sent her a copy of the house blessing and consecration spell out of my second Llewellyn book, Everyday Witch A to Z Spellbook.

But then it occurred to me that since I got these questions fairly often, other people might enjoy a weekly dose of magic. So I declare today to be the first Magical Monday, and I will try to post something witchy every Monday. We'll see how it goes. It may not be a spell. We'll see. And hopefully those who aren't magically inclined will still get something out of these, whether it is an idea for a prayer or spiritual practice (remember that just because something is "magical" doesn't mean it can't be helpful for someone who isn't a witch) or even a story or character idea for the authorly folks who visit here. I'd love some feedback, to tell me if y'all are finding these helpful, entertaining, or you know, not.

Today we're going to start with another spell from the Everyday Witch A to Z Spellbook--this one is for anxiety. Let's face it, most of us deal with anxiety in one form or another, whether it is brought on by work, our home life, money worries, or something else. Me, I'm afraid of thunderstorms, and one is moving into my area, so I'm feeling more than a little anxious. (I know, I know, lots of people love them. I'm not one of them. The energy makes me twitch like crazy, and I know too many people who have had direct hits to their houses, including my parents and my best friend. If you enjoy them, all the more power to you!)

I hope this spell is helpful for whatever it is that makes you anxious.

Goal: Dealing with and lessening anxiety
Optional extras: White candle, lavender, lemon balm or calendula essential oil, rose quartz tumbled stone or pendant
Notes: Calendula is an especially good oil for calming anxiety. It can be quite expensive, but a little bit goes a long way, and if you have ongoing issues you may want to keep some on hand. If you wear jewelry, try finding a rose quartz necklace or pendant that “feels” right to you. You can anoint both the candle and the pendant or stone with whichever oil or oils you chose.

Take a deep breath and light the candle. Spend however much time you need focusing on the flame and your breathing until you feel calm and peaceful. Then say the spell slowly, envisioning yourself surrounded by a glowing light filled with serenity. After doing the spell, wear or carry the rose quartz whenever you are feeling particularly anxious.

Let calm flow in like waves of water
With each breath in, with each breath out
Let tension ease like ropes unknotted
In magick’s light there is no doubt

The goddess wrap her cloak around me
Loving warmth and reassurance
That all will happen as it must
Gifting me with calm endurance

No more worries, no more stress
My burdens lie on stronger shoulders
I release anxiety’s weight
Turn into pebbles what seemed like boulders

Faith is mine and strength is mine
The love of those who stay unseen
Let calm flow in with every breath
I am grounded and serene



  1. Thank you! I needed this today. I am liking Magical Monday very much already! :D

  2. thank you Deborah :) I think that this is a great addition to your blog. I enjoy reading your posts

  3. Thanks, Darlene! I'm still waiting to see what kind of feedback I get before I go ahead and do Magical Mondays every week, but hopefully people are getting something out of this one -)

  4. I have and love your A to Z book but it will be nice to read anything you add via your posts, especially since it may highlight one that I may not be focused on at the time (but can benefit from nonetheless). Life has a way of giving us what we need when we need it, even if we don't see it clearly at the time and your Magical Mondays may just be the way to receive those unexpected blessings.

    1. I forgot to add my name.....Sofia