Saturday, February 22, 2014

And the Winner is...

Doreen Grogan won the mug! Yay, Doreen! But don't worry if you didn't win--I have one more mug, the cool notebook, and a number of the little broom magnets to give away. When do you think I should hold the next giveaway? (Hint--NOT tomorrow!) What will it be? FIVE of the refrigerator broom magnets! (Yes, so we will have five winners.) So keep your eyes open...

Congratulations to Doreen, and thanks to everyone who took part. I really appreciate your support!


  1. Congratulations Doreen! I am so jealous! lol :)

  2. I'm also sending you congratulations Doreen --- and I'm really jealous too. Didn't know if we needed to comment again so here is a comment.
    Bonnie Schoening

  3. I'm so behind on everything as of late! Congrats, Doreen!!