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Friday, March 26, 2010

Somebody stole my yard

Subtitle: And I'd like to kick somebody's *ss.

I live in a rural area, outside a small rural hamlet. For the last week, I've seen that the town highway department has been trimming back areas by the side of the (very narrow) road, including some overgrown sections that nobody lives on. Cool.

When I got home from work today, however, I discovered that the boys with the large machinery had applied said trimming to the front of my yard--in the process removing up to NINE FEET of soil, lawn, old rose bushes, poppy plants, and EVERYTHING ELSE.

Here is what was left:

Not pretty.

I felt, to be honest, like I had been violated. I love my house, and the property it sits on. It is a part of my soul. And yes, as the town highway supervisor so belligerantly informed me, they have the legal right to remove as much as they want (and they're coming back for some of the trees).

But ow.



  1. What? I can't even picture where this is. By your mailbox. This looks awful. I know that they have rights to a certain area, but 9 feet? That's quite a bit. I'd look into it.

    I'm sorry, hun. The land looks raped. Plant sunflowers there, in remembrance.

  2. Sadly, they apparently have the legal right to go in about 14 feet. I suppose I should be grateful they left the trees. Well, the ones they're not coming back to cut down later...

    It really is horrible. Raped is about the size of it. My plan, I guess, is to wait a couple of months, spend a bunch of money to put soil back, and plant a bunch of wildflower seeds. F*ktards.

    And they actually did it on both sides of the driveway, all the way to both edges of the property.

  3. Oh, Deborah, how awful. They really stripped your land--of course it feels like a violation. I'm sorry you came home to find this. And that the supervisor was so arrogant about it too. Ow is right.

  4. Thanks Nancy. The sad thing is that it was completely unnecessary, and way more than they did to anyone else's yard. And then he told me "if you don't like this, you'd better brace yourself, because we're coming back to cut down one of your trees."

    I'm guessing he wouldn't have talked to another man that way.

    I'm going to have to talk to the town supervisor (who I already called about this, before the nasty call from the hwy guy) and complain about the man's nastiness. And see if I can save my tree.

    And, of course, it is well after midnight and I can't sleep, either...


  5. Oh, gods. That's awful. And legal rights or no, the man had no reason to be so rude. I'd be writing a letter to send up the chain - because even supervisors have supervisors. At least register a complaint against him. He's a BULLY.

    Get the town supervisor out there ASAP, and see if there's anything he can do for you before they take down any of your trees!

  6. The road commision (that's what they call it here in MI) did that to me several years ago. My front yard was lined with old shady trees that I loved but they widened the road, dug out the ditches and cut down all the trees along my side of the road.

    There excuse was they were getting tangled in the power lines.

    I miss my trees. I've tried to grow bushes out there was now nothing seems to want to survive.

  7. I did manage to track down the town supervisor in person and have a nice conversation with him. Apparently the hwy sup is an ass :-)and this isn't the first complaint they've gotten about him. [He mooned some guy the last time, so I suppose I got off lucky with a phone call!]

    Anyway, the damage is already done as far as what they took away, but Dennis (the town super) promised to make sure that the guy didn't cut down my beautiful old oak, although they will probably be trimming some branches. And he's going to personally bring me some of the soil when they get to his property down the road, and put back a little of what was taken away so that I can plant SOMETHING in the huge bare spot.

    I'm thinking either lilac bushes or maybe a whole bunch of wild flowers. What do you think?

  8. I'm so sorry about this distruction and how you were treated by that idiot. Glad to hear they will be bringing you soil to help make things better.

    Lilacs and wild flowers sound lovely! You could call in the troops and have a planting party.

    Take care and have a nice, relaxing Sunday.

    P.S. I'm having a great time over at the Beyond Fangs workshop! Thank you!!!

  9. Hi Jamie!
    Glad you're having fun. Welcome to the blog :-)

    And the planting party sounds like a great idea...oh Robin....