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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Call

In the publishing world, writers talk a lot about getting The Call.

The Call is when an agent calls and tells you that they liked the manuscript you sent them enough to offer to represent you.

I have been submitting to agents for a little over two years. And this Monday, I got The Call!

I knew I was close. I knew my third manuscript was much better than the first two I sent out. In fact, I only sent it out to my top two picks. Who both said, "I like it, but no."

Luckily for me, one of these fabulous women, Lucienne Diver, who only turned it down because she was already representing someone who had a book too much like mine, agreed to recommend it (and me) to another agent in her agency. That agent had read my 1st book and liked it, but not quite enough. And she reps two of my writer friends, so I knew she was great.

So on Thursday of last week, I sent the ms. for PENTACLES AND PENTIMENTOS to Elaine Spencer of The Knight Agency. Late Friday morning, she sent me an email telling me she had read the first half and loved it, and wanting to know if anyone else was reading it. On Saturday morning, she told me she'd read the second half and STILL loved it, and wanted to talk to me.

And at 7:30 Monday night, I got The Call.

To say that I am happy to have this particular agent, and be a part of this particular agency, would be an understatement of epic proportions. I am over the moon!

For all of you that are still waiting for The Call--hang in there. Your day will come.

And for all those who helped me along the way; gave me advice, critiqued the work, held my hand, and told me my day would come--thank you so much!



  1. Congratulations, I'm so happy for you!!! Must be a wonderful feeling :)

    (I'm waiting for THE CALL myself, worrying myself silly)

    Best of luck, Deborah!!

  2. It's pretty amazing! I'm sure yours will come soon. My fingers are crossed!

  3. Huge congrats to you! I'll be in line to buy it when it's released!