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Friday, May 22, 2015

Feline Friday: This Week in Pictures

We're still having issues trying to integrate Luna into the household. Some days things seem a lot better, and then there are days like yesterday, when she suddenly attacked Magic (who has actually been great and mostly just ignoring Luna) and chased her through two rooms. Argh.

I'm working on what Jackson Galaxy, who is a cat behaviorist with a show on Animal Planet called My Cat from Hell calls "catification" of the household. (This means giving Luna a bunch of higher places to escape to so she doesn't feel trapped, although since she doesn't use some of the ones I have already and often just jumps down into the middle of things anyway, I'm not sure if it will help.) And some other changes. But mostly I'm just enjoying the rare moments when everyone is calm.

Angus being calm and adorable
Magic and Minerva hanging out

Luna on her perch in the kitchen, in a rare moment of calm

Not calm. Mystic actually chased Luna up *into* the window. Sigh.
 Happy Feline Friday and I hope everyone has a lovely weekend (those of us in the USA mostly have a 3-day weekend for Memorial Day--huzzah!). What do you all have planned?


  1. Your cats' personalities/names seem to match them so well (based on the photos). We are wrapping up our home school so we are taking next week off to kick off our summer transition. I'm looking forward to the slower pace, getting out more and catching up on my leisure reading. Hope you have a nice holiday weekend. ~ Sofia

    1. That sounds lovely! You have a great weekend too.

  2. Keep trying!!! It can take some time.

    1. I keep telling myself it has only been two months...it just feels like longer!

  3. LOVE jackson galaxy & his tips, by the way. My cats Juno & Freeway still don't exactly get along, and Juno has been with us for 2 years now. Though there are more good times than really bad ones now, that took over a year to get to that point. Freeway is the most chill cat ever so really it's Juno's fault because she will just get freaked out if she just sees freeway yawn or twitch an ear, thinking "OMG he is going to come get me" and go into defensive mode: hissing, running, puffing up her back and tail, etc. She doesn't do that often anymore, and I have even caught them laying about a foot apart on the couch or bed together in peaceful slumber, so just know there is light at the end of the tunnel with a skittish anxious kitty like Luna!!