Sunday, April 22, 2018

Earth Day Everyday

I have to laugh when people ask me if I'm planning to do something special for Earth Day. Don't get me wrong--I think Earth Day is a great thing. It never hurts to remind people that the earth is our home and we should celebrate it instead of trashing it.

But Paganism is a nature-based spiritual path and Witchcraft, for most of us, is a nature-based religion. As far as I'm concerned, every day is Earth Day. I try to live my life in a way that is as kind to the earth as I can, although like everyone else, I don't always succeed. (All those packages from Amazon can't be good...even if I do recycle the cardboard boxes.)

My mantra is recycle/reuse or just plain keep the old one (of whatever it is) until it falls apart. I drive a car that gets good gas mileage, compost my kitchen waste, recycle everything that can be recycled, and never, ever litter. (Seriously. Do not let me catch you doing that shit. You will think the wrath of goddess had descended on you.) Plus I have a large garden and periodically plant new trees or shrubs.

So how am I going to celebrate today? For one thing, it is actually warm and sunny, so I'm going to go OUTSIDE. I'll probably take my first walk of the year down my road, and bring a plastic bag with me (and a glove) so I can pick up trash from along the side of the road as I go. Once the snow melts, you can suddenly see what crap people have been tossing out of their cars all winter long. I'll refill the bird feeders, stroll around the garden and start planning where I'll put what this year. But mostly I'll just be grateful for the gift of living in such a beautiful place.

What are you going to do to celebrate Earth Day?

Nature is stubborn.

Nature is abundance. And survival!

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