Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Weedy Wednesday: The Midsummer Garden

I have to start by apologizing to all my friends who live in drought country, since we've had rain on and off for weeks here. Which is both good and bad, when it comes to the garden. Things are growing well, including the weeds, of course.

This is what it looks like now:

The view from outside my back door.

The left side of the garden, including a new strip of plastic mulch.
 You can see the garlic plants off to the left, corn and cukes straight ahead, and broccoli, parsley, basil, and dill to the right. Plus weeds, of course.

These are soybeans on the left and potatoes on the right. They seem to be trying to meet in the middle. In the background you can see squash and beans, ditto.

A lovely head of broccoli ready to be harvested.

Tomatoes and eggplant. Those yellow leaves on the eggplant mean its not happy about the lack of sun and heat.

More tomatoes. They have the beginning of blight because of the constant rain. Sigh.

I love bright red lettuce! (Ignore the weeds.)
In some ways, the garden this year is a good representation of my life: it is mostly growing well, but man, it is impossible to keep up with, some stuff is getting away from me no matter how hard I try, and occasionally, there is blight.

How is your garden (actual or metaphorical) growing this summer? I'd really like to know.

Also, have a cute frog sitting on a big lily pad in the garden pond.


  1. I love this, what a wonderful garden you have...weeds & all. :) When I lived on Long Island, I had a grand veggie garden in back & did some lovely flower landscaping in front. Now I'm in Phoenix & have gravel. So sad.
    Love the little frog too. A perfect compliment.

  2. Your garden looks great. I'm one of those drought people out here in Idaho but it's hay time right now and as much as we'd love some rain, until the ranchers and farmers get their hay up off the ground, rain is not something we're hoping for but it is in the forecast so our neighbors need to hustle! - Love the frog! :)

  3. It looks amazing! I am very jealous. All the things I am growing are in pots because of the rabbits we have. They will eat everything we put in the ground. We also have had lots of rain and tons of weeds to deal with because of it. I really love the frog and the Lily pad :D

    1. I have rabbits too, Jessica. Rabbits and deer and woodchucks (oh my). Hence the big fence. Luckily, I also have such fabulous weeds in my lawn, the rabbits are happy to stay out and nibble that, so I can still be happy when I see them.

  4. My wonderful hubby built a garden using an old headboard and footboard with 2 x 12's. Before we found out the neighbor had a family of bunnies under his shed they had eaten the 3 broccoli plants and 1 of 3 cauliflowers; we had to move a few potted marigolds to just outside of the garden since everything is doing well. Hubby planted yellow cherry tomato, roma's and beefsteak tomatoes. We have beans climbing the footboard and cucumbers climbing the headboard. since the bunnies got the broccoli we planted a bell pepper and a banana pepper. My wonderful hubby also built me an herb garden in an old pallet that he added a bottom to so we could stand it up against the house, I have parsley, basil, rosemary, sage and oregano in it then I have chamomile and catnip in separate pots. My yarrow is in the ground and growing so much I had to cut some of it down already. I asked hubby to plant my lavender and another rosemary by the gate, both are doing really well. Oh and we have honeysuckle back this year YAY!!
    Your picture's bring back alot of childhood memories from your area. I was sad to see my dad sell the old East Meredith schoolhouse after mom and my brother passed almost 5 yrs ago so seeing your pictures brings back the good memories, Thankyou for sharing and reminding me of those wonderful times.

    1. Your bed garden sounds very cool! I'd love to see a picture. And East Meredith is about five minutes from my house--one of my circle members lives there!