Monday, July 13, 2015

Magickal Monday: Two Spells for Healing

Almost everyone has health issues now and again. Some unlucky folks have chronic pain or disabilities, or are surprised with a sudden unpleasant diagnosis that turns their lives upside down. Whether it is something small and annoying or large and disruptive, health issues can a pain in the, well, pain.

Those who have to deal with such things (me included) use whatever tools they can to help themselves heal. Sometimes that means doctors and medicine, sometimes it means increasing your exercise and changing your diet, or taking up meditation, or making sure your life is more balanced. For anything major, it usually means all of those and more.

And sometimes, magick can help too. Remember, spells are a way of focusing our intentions and using our will to send those intentions out into the universe. Like prayers, they give us a way to ask for help and guidance, too. Between my own issues the last few weeks (I'm look at you, Migraine that Would Not Die) and a friend's cancer diagnosis, I've had health issues on the brain. Literally, in my case. So I decided to share two spells from my third book, The Goddess is in the Details (the precursor to my newest book, Everyday Witchcraft)*.

The first spell is one to bring in health, and therefore is best suited for use during the full moon or waxing (growing larger) moon. The second spell is one to banish illness, and is best suited for use during the new moon or waning moon. If you plan to do these repeatedly over the course of a number of days, as I do when something is really problematical, you can start with one and then shift to the other as the moon changes.

Spell for Healing
I call upon the gods above
In perfect trust, in perfect love
I ask for health and energy
Balanced and in synergy
Healthy body, mind, and soul
A perfect balanced, healthy whole
I pledge that I will do my part
For healthy body, healthy heart
Every day let health increase
Until all signs of illness cease

Spell to Banish Illness 
I call upon the powers given
By the new moon, dark and strong
I banish, strip, and wash away
All those things that don't belong
I banish illness, pain, and weakness
I banish struggle without gain
I banish all those not of lightness
And forbid them come again
I bind and banish three times three
And as I will, so mote it be

*(Llewellyn, 2009)

I wish you good health and hope that, if worse comes to worse, and you end up with health issues of your own, you will find these helpful.


  1. Thank you for sharing these with us. Do you think that these will help with panic/anxiety attacks.

    1. They certainly might. My Everyday Witchcraft A to Z Spellbook also has a spell for anxiety.