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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Veiled Magic Reveal

For those who don't get my newsletter, here is the reveal of yet another cover. Introducing VEILED MAGIC!

VEILED MAGIC is a non-Baba Yaga book. I wrote VEILED MAGIC a number of years ago—in fact, it was the book that got me signed with my agent, Elaine Spencer, who really loved it. But for whatever reason, we couldn’t sell the book back then, so Berkley bought it now and will be putting it out in November to give my readers something to hold them over until the next Baba Yaga book is out in February.

Unfortunately for those of you without e-Readers, VEILED MAGIC will only be out in eBook form initially. (You will still be able to download it and read it on your computer.) But take heart; if it sells well enough, they'll put out a print version too. And if it really sells well, they'll continue the series. So be sure to spread the word when the book comes out!

VEILED MAGIC is a little different from the Baba Yaga books (for one thing, it is Urban Fantasy, rather than Paranormal Romance, so it has a slightly different tone) but I hope my readers will enjoy it too. We don’t have an official blurb yet, so here is the one I wrote up when I was pitching it to agents, way back when:

In a world not too different from ours, a Witch-cop just trying to do her job stumbles across a long lost relic and gets caught up in an ancient war between the paranormal races and a renegade arm of the Catholic Church. With the help of a half-dragon forger, a mischievous kobold, and a disgraced shape-changer, she must solve the puzzle of an explosive secret before it can be used to destroy the very fabric of the society in which she lives.

Neither of the books is up online yet, but I will definitely put up links on my blog when they are. In the meanwhile, here is a list of the release dates, for those who have been asking:

Veiled Magic November 2015 (eBook only)
Wickedly Ever After (the next Baba Yaga novella, which continues Barbara’s story) January 2016 (eBook only)
Wickedly Powerful (Baba Yaga #3) print and eBook February 2016

I just finished writing WICKEDLY POWERFUL and it is off to my editor! Now I am hard at work on the next book in the series, which will feature the first of the Riders, Mikhail Day.

So what do you think--will you read VEILED MAGIC even though it isn't a Baba Yaga book?


  1. I will definitely read Veiled Magic. I am excited to see what you wrote earlier on and I love all that you write so I am sure it will be fabulous. I hope enough of us order it and love it so that series will be picked up too!! Good luck to you!

    1. Thanks, Jessica! I'm so happy to hear it!

  2. Is the name of the author on the book yours? Then DUH, of course I'll read it! I haven't been disappointed in anything you've written.


    1. And that's why you're my favorite, Kit :-)

  3. Love that cover, and it sounds right up my street.
    Can't wait to read it :D

  4. This sounds like my kind of book! I am really looking forward to it. Don't get me wrong, I love the Baba Yaga books, but this is even more my type of book. Can't wait! Great cover too.

  5. Yes, because I like your writing and the storyline interests me very much.

  6. I am looking forward to all things new from Deborah! Can't wait.