Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Frogs in a Pond

Seen yesterday in my garden pond...
 Two cute frogs, just hanging out and enjoying the sunshine.
 Another frog, pouting in the corner.
 This guy, looking intent.
 A Zen frog, meditating on a lily pad.

Not a frog :-) But I thought you'd like to know that Babylon the lizard is settling in well. (This is in his vivarium where it has been moved to a quiet cat-free room upstairs.)

Have a great day, all--anyone planning to kiss a frog?


  1. What wonderful frogs! I do love frogs, although I don't intend to kiss any. I'm not THAT desperate! :) And I'm glad that Babylon is settling in well.

    Do you have any fish? That's what my friend has in her pond. No frogs. (And all the light-colored fish appear to have gotten eaten, probably by the local heron!)

    1. Yup--lots of goldfish, that used to live inside in a tank, but now spend all year out in the pond. The fish I put there--the frogs just showed up :-)

  2. I'm sure Babylon appreciates the private quarters. Does he like visitors or is he a loner?

    Those are some cool frogs. I have a couple of little frogs living in a pot of bromeliads in my front entry. During the day I usually see them in the cup of the plants where there is water. I'll have to rig up a confinement method if I have to bring the plants in for a hurricane.

    1. He seems quite happy to be hanging out by himself, as far as I can tell.

  3. Anyone planning to kiss a frog?
    That's hysterical considering when I came in from work at 130am a frog followed me in the door. My mom was on one of her rare nights of staying up and it took both of us to get the poor frog back out the door and into a more natural environment for him.
    Never even occurred to me to kiss him. I wouldn't make a very good princess.

  4. aw, those are some great frogs :)
    I'm afraid I can't kiss any as I've got none around here. :)