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Sunday, July 22, 2012

And on a lighter note...

The last post was a fairly serious one, and frankly, I think most of us are having a tough enough time as it is this week. So here are a few lighter thoughts:

I actually found high heeled shoes I can walk in. (Mostly because they're wedges, and therefore not nearly as high as they look.) They're amazingly comfortable, made in Italy--which makes me feel very sophisticated--and (wait for it) they were on sale! Score!

As some of you know, I am on my second attempt to trade in my waterbed (which I've slept on for 30 years) for an actual mattress. This one comes from Salem, of all places, so hopefully it is magical. I had Pilar Conde,  one of the artists at the shop, make a new comforter cover from some beautiful material I found, too. So far, I am having a rough time adjusting, but the cats seem to like it just fine.
And the new stuff did inspire me to neaten and rearrange the tops of the dressers. (And clean behind them, which apparently hasn't been done since I moved in 10 years ago. Urg.)
I also found two cloths for the dresser tops that my grandmother (Germambie, for those of you who remember my posts about her) wove back in the day, that go perfectly with the new colors. So there is some old in with the new. You can also see the amazing goddess wall hanging that Pilar made for me a few years ago. (I tried to pick out fabrics for the new coverlet that would go with the wall hanging, since I love it so much.) Pilar also made the very cool massive dreamcatcher you can see hanging over the dresser on the left.

Home sweet home :-)

Okay, there you are. I hope you are all having a great weekend, and that the next week is filled with fun and satisfaction. I'm off to write...


  1. Love the shoes! You should wear those when we go to Glimmerglass.

    Good luck with the new mattress...

    1. Excellent idea! Then I can say I *had* to get them, so I would have the right shoes for our special day out :-)

      Of course, now I'll have to find the perfect casual-yet-nice dress to go with them...

  2. sleep is important but you sure do have a beautiful bedroom.
    cute shoes.

  3. At least I'll have something pretty to look at when I'm not sleeping :-)

  4. Those shoes remind me so much of YOU! They're perfect. Switching from a waterbed to a regular bed takes time. I still miss getting into a warm watery bed - and it's been over twenty years since I had one. Love, love, love the colors in your comforter.

    1. Oh, Kate--those shoes are WAY cooler than I am :-) But I'm going to the opera in Cooperstown with writer pal Nancy Holzner in August, and I will need something both pretty and comfortable. (I have other heels, but they tend to be one or the other, not both. lol)
      I was going for soothing water & sky colors, and love the way they came together. Unfortunately, you can't really make out the pattern she quilted on it, which is a large tree with water at the base and the crescent moon.