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Friday, July 27, 2012

A Day in the Garden: Harvest

I spent much of Wednesday (my day off from the shop) in the garden, trying to catch up with weed-pulling and plant-taming now that we've finally gotten some much needed rain. I may have gotten slightly carried away when I was planting the spaghetti squash this spring, since it is now trying to take over the entire garden.
(This is what the bed looked like AFTER I corralled all the sprawling vines.)

I love this time of year, when I go out with empty baskets, and come in with overflowing ones.
Wednesday's harvest included onions, shallots, three different kinds of potatoes (French fingerling, red, and Yukon Gold, in case you were wondering), cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, kale, one cauliflower head and a single cherry tomato. Which I ate on the spot. Also, as you can see, the garlic is ready to be harvested. I ran out of time and energy, so that is about a fifth of the crop, and the rest will have to wait until the weekend.

I love my garden pond, and had a lovely chat with a couple of friends:

Of course, I am also still hard at work on the Sekret Project, my current WIP. When I was talking to my friend Skye last night about edits, I told her that I saw writing as a kind of gardening, too. You plant the seeds, work hard to make them grow, nurture them with love but also do some harsh pruning and weeding as necessary until you have a beautiful finished product. With my last manuscript out to editors, I am hoping to reap a book deal in the near future (please Goddess!).

What have you worked hard at, and what kind of a harvest do you hope to reap as we enter the harvesting time of year?


  1. The cherry tomatoes are the gardener's snack! Garlic is harvested, green beans are starting a second crop, onions are mostly harvested, basil needs to be deflowered (again!), tomatoes are starting to come in and I'm making garlic dill pickles today! I'd love to have a pond. When the work is done in the back I'm going to see about doing something with water.

    1. I'm still waiting for most of the tomatoes to turn red, alas. Our hot summer with little rain has set them behind, and the garlic ahead :-)

      The pond is fairly small--only about 6'x4'x4'deep. I dug quite a bit of it myself (after the entire area was rototilled originally) and hauled all the rocks as I found them around the yard. The fish I put in there, but the frogs are all volunteers!

  2. That is a lovely pond! Love the frogs and pads. Very whimsical.

    1. I know--I love the whimsical. And I talk to the frog all the time. Sometimes they even talk back!