Sunday, February 12, 2012

Workshop #2 Spells and Spell Casting

As many of you know, I have started giving witchcraft (and a few writing) classes on my new workshop loop. The first class, Intro to Modern Witchcraft, premiered last month and was a huge success. Many of the folks who took that one immediately signed up for the next one, which means I must be doing something right :-)

The next class up is "Spells and Spell Casting," and it is aimed at those who want to know how to write and cast spells, cast them better, or learn the basics so that a character can cast them. (For the writers in the gang.)

Here is the info, and a link to sign up, should you be interested. I hope to see you there!

Witchcraft Workshop #2

Spells & Spell Casting

For: Those with a basic knowledge of the practice of Witchcraft who wish to learn how to write and cast spells; authors who want to accurately portray spell casting in their books
Time: 3 days

Cost: $15

Date: February 27-29

Class Outline

Day One: Spells—The Witch’s Power Tool

  • What is a spell?
  • What are the rules of spell casting? Can you really turn someone into a newt?
  • To cast, or not to cast, that is the question…
  • Why create your own spell?

Day Two: Pre-Casting Preparation

  • Setting a goal
  • Choose your “ingredients”
  • Writing the spell
  • A note for authors

Day Three: Casting the Perfect Spell

  • Focus, Will & Belief
  • Creating safe and sacred space
  • Casting the spell
  • After casting—be silent

Q & A Day Four

As always, the classes will be given on a special workshop loop available only to those who have signed up. It doesn't matter which time zone (or even country) you live in, since I will post the lessons in the morning each day, then come back periodically to answer questions and respond to comments. Any extra questions can be asked the day after the last lesson is posted. The book listed is the one of mine that will be most useful both before and after the class, but you don't need to have it to take the workshop.

Here is the link to sign up, should you wish to:

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