Friday, February 3, 2012

Highly Recommended: Candace Havens Writing Workshop

Heads up, aspiring writers! (And those of you who need a boost can pay attention too...everyone else, as you were. Have some chocolate or something.)

Author, teacher, and writing mentor Candace Havens is giving her Comprehensive Writing Course starting February 6th. I can tell you from personal experience that Candy knows more about the art, craft, and business of writing than almost anyone I know in the field.

Here is a description of her class:


Comprehensive Writing Course 1

Beginning February 6, 2012 this comprehensive course is for writers who are ready to take their prose to the next level. Some of the class topics include themes, plotting for non-plotters, character archetypes, revising, scene and sequel, deep editing, adding emotion, layering with texture, info dumping, plans for submission, writing synopses, writer's block, query letters, log lines and pitching, passive writing, Fast Draft and so much more. Cost is $100.

And here are some questions/answers she put up on her blog about it:

1. Everything takes place in a yahoogroup and you work at your own pace.
2. The class is six weeks long, and we'll be covering the entire writing process.
3. We begin with the creative process and how your's works, and go through brainstorming, character development, plotting for non-plotters, fast draft, revision hell, polishing to perfection, pitching, submitting to agents and editors, query letters and those are just a few of our many topics.
4. At the end of the six weeks, I will read your first 10 pages if you so desire.
5. There are beginners to professionals in the class. As I said before, everyone works at their own pace. Some of you may have a finished novel and want to clean it up. Others may be beginning their first novel.
6. Questions are asked and answered on the yahoogroup.
7. This class will help you with the big picture that is your novel and help you look at all the components.

When I say comprehensive, I mean it. And you can ask questions about any aspect of the writing process or business and I'll answer them.
Invest in yourself and sign up here:

If your writing skills need a polish, or your writing energy needs a kick in the butt, this is the class for you!

Tell her Deb sent you :-)


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