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Sunday, August 14, 2011

See the Moon, the Lovely Moon

Last night was the full moon, and boy, was it a spectacular one! Blue Moon Circle and I actually gathered on the Friday night, so last night I went out and did my own ritual.

We're in the midst of Mercury in Retrograde, which most people think of as a time when electronic and mechanical things tend to go flooey (and it is that), but this time is also good for particular work--this time around, it is releasing.

I released some stuff I've been carrying around for a loooonggg time: old loves and failed relationships, and the guilt, fear, and loss that remain long after the two of you have gone your separate ways. I feel *lighter* somehow now...

If you were going to go out tonight and stand under the light of the moon, the lovely moon, what would you release back into the universe?


  1. You know, I think I did it without even realizing it.

    I'm really happy today.

    There are a few things that I need to change, but I just know they will. Within the next month or so even. I'm on a cusp of something exciting.

    And after all the pain and unfulfilled hope, I'm ready.

    I'm happy you found some peace and let go.

  2. I spent some time staring at the lovely moon last night. She was beautiful.

    I've been letting go of a bunch of erroneous messages I've received over the years - not limited to but including the idea that I am undesirable, not good at relationships and unworthy. Why did I ever believe any of that?

    Saranna - you're not the first person to mention being on the cusp. We're headed into some exciting and wonderful times.

  3. I've had that "on the cusp" feeling too, Saranna and Keziah. Let's hope there are wonderful things coming to both of us.

  4. I walked around the lake at 8:30 pm. I call it the old crone's walk. : ) Whatever it is it sure has power.

  5. What I want to release I don't have adequate words for. I can probably communicate it anyway. I want to release whatever it is that is keeping me from attaining a reliable income that isn't dependent upon me doing things I don't feel good about doing or working with people I don't want to work with.
    And whatever it is that keeps me from finding one good friend here.

  6. Today I was inspired to clean-I focused on the dust and dirt that had built up when quick cleanings are the norm; it was at the point where it was preventing my creative energy from feeling free.

    I just remembered that I felt ill when I started. I finally threw-up. I share this because I have a niggling, intuitive hit that my spirit was doing some energy work as my physical space was being cleaned.

    I wonder what I let go of? A layer of crap? A sloughing off of dead, contaminated energy?

  7. That is a stunning picture - the glow against that perfect blue!!! I'm hoping my resolve to let go of niggling self-doubts sticks this time around. I have far too many moments in which insecurity numbs me to actions I know I can and should perform - time to let go and fly with that beautiful moon!!

  8. I knew what I wanted to release and then I read the comments and now I've forgotten. Oh I remember, my expectations of life. Gotta release those suckers...