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Monday, August 15, 2011

An Interview with Magic the Cat

My co-author, the fabulous Magic the Cat, has finally gotten her own interview over at The Magical Buffet. (Seriously, they asked to interview HER, not me!0

Check it out, and see why, yes, she IS the boss of me.


  1. I adored Magic's interview. Very well done. Many years ago a friend of mine had an elderly, rather thin black cat, called Licorice. She used to sit on my shoulder and purr up a storm and drool. We used cloth baby diapers on our shoulders to prevent soiling our clothes. Heh.

  2. Magic doesn't drool, thank all the gods, but she does like to sit on my shoulder. But only when I'm making food in the kitchen. Then she likes to leap up on my shoulder (which I've had to train her not to do during the warm weather when I'm wearing fewer layers) and supervise. And she is sitting on my lap right now, purring up a storm.

    She likes what you wrote, no doubt :-)

  3. What a great interview! Intelligent, amusing, and articulate --- Magic is obviously one awesome cat. Maybe it comes with being a familiar. And, of course, black cats rock.

  4. Dear Skye,
    You are clearly a brilliant and discerning woman with amazingly good taste.
    Magic the Cat

  5. This is Mohrle:
    And I read this interview, and she aske me to type these questions, because she's dying to know the following:
    Does Magic prefer mice or birds?
    Does Magic have any preferred techniques for coercing her human servant into getting out of bed and opening the door so she can go outside, or opening a can/pouch of cat food at un-Godly hours at night?

  6. HI Mohrle!

    Magic definitely prefers mice, since we live in an old farmhouse and they are occasionally silly enough to come out where she can get them. She and the other cats don't go outside, so she can only watch the birds from the window and make rude noises.

    Her favorite techniques include pulling my hair (seriously--she licks at it, which she knows annoys me...and she only does it when she is trying to get me up) and trying to eat the bedroom plants, which she knows will make me wake up enough to use the squirt bottle to get her to stop. She is WAY too good at getting me out of bed early in the morning.