Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Writing update

Sorry I've been a little scarce lately. After all the whirlwind of birthday celebrations and the Spiritual Arts Fair, I buckled down to finish the first draft of PENTACLES AND PREDATORS--aiming at finishing by June 1st in order to get it to first reader Candace Havens when she said she'd have a window to read.

I'm almost there, which is why I haven't been here.

Hit 83K words yesterday, aiming at about 88K as a final word count (that's what the first book was). I should be done with the first draft by the end of the week, or maybe a bit sooner, depending on how smoothly things go and whether or not the characters have any more surprises for me (*grins*). Then another week or so of integrating the edits from my wonderful critique partner Lisa Didio [another one of the Witchy Chicks who blogs with Candace], one more run-through, and it is off to my agent Elaine, Candy, and my other two first readers.

Assuming this all goes as planned--which I never assume--I will easily make the June 1st goal. I'll keep you posted.

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