Thursday, May 6, 2010

Final birthday report and Beltane pics

Last Saturday I had the final installment of my extended (and amazing) 50th birthday celebration. Blue Moon Circle (minus some folks who had other obligations) met at Robin's house near Binghamton and went from there to share the collected local covens' Beltane celebration. We try to go every year, although we don't always make it. Although we love our small group, sometimes it is nice to share a holiday ritual with a larger gathering. And these folks are a great bunch of people.

I got to help chop down the tree for the maypole (usually the guys do this, but part of the ritual had to do with role reversal--very enlightening and empowering) and then we all did the Maypole dance.

Beltane celebrate fertility and sacred sexuality, for those of you who didn't know--it is always a riot to dig a hole and put the pole in it...much smutty merriment always ensues...

Here is a picture of the beginning of the dance:

Afterwards, we returned to Robin's house for Blue Moon Circle's feast, Beltane bonfire, and part 3 of my birthday celebration (combined at this point with circle member Bobbie's birthday, which was the following day). My adorable goddess-children Sophia and Nate joined us, as did Robin's wonderful hubby George. [I married Robin and George and was there for the birth of both kids, so as you might guess, we are pretty darned close.)

Robin made an amazing cake, which tasted even better than it looked:

Sophie was very excited by my mystery present, which was a huge heavy box...

The box turned out to be a CARTON of printer paper...for printing out my prospective best-sellers. Apparently, she Robin and George expect me to write very fast! No pressure...

At the end of the evening, we relaxed by the bonfire and talked about those things in our lives that had already come to fruition, and that we were grateful for. I was grateful for my new agent, of course! But also for all the people who had been so wonderful, and gone out of their way to make my 50th birthday so memorable. You know who you are, and you all rock :-)


  1. That sounds wonderful! Happy Birthday! Bright Blessings to you!

  2. Missed these pics, Deborah! Fantastic.
    BTW, I may be a Gemini, but I have a very strong moon in Taurus.

  3. Do these events still happen in a Oneonta? My friends and I have recently delved into some spell work and would love to chat!

  4. Do events like these happen still in Oneonta? My friends and I have recently delved into spell work and would love to chat!

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    2. This was a private event, between friends, but there is an active Pagan community in Binghamton.