Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Life of a Writer--The To Do List

I know that non-writers and writers at the beginning of their careers are often interested in (or have no concept of) a writer's daily life. Since this topic goes well beyond simply writing, I thought I would start to share the occasional behind the scenes look at my life as a writer.

To start, I decided to post a copy of the calendar I recently made up for writing-related obligations for May-September. Keep in mind that a lot more items will be added to the later months as they get closer. And if you want to be depressed, look at how few of these items have any payment attached ($ sign). Most of them are things I do to spread my name, create a platform, boost sales of existing books, or help out others in the writing community.

Let me know if you have any questions. Which ones of these look like the most fun to you?

Calendar -- Writing Obligations

MAY 2010

Write REVIEW of Embers for Debuts & Reviews (Tia Nevitt)
Write REVIEW of Shade for Debuts & Reviews (Tia Nevitt)
AD for Witches & Pagans (Anne Newkirk Niven) -- Llewellyn?
Redo illustration "Goddess Eye" for Llewellyn/Shoestring (Becky Zins)
Finish edits P & P 2 MAY 31 Send to Elaine Spencer, Candy Havens
[AD for UCCCA and magazine -- ARTISANS GUILD]
Article on Agent Search to Guide to Literary Agents Blog (Chuck Sambuchino)
Enter names for online NEWSLETTER
Talk to Llewellyn editors re: Annuals assignments
Promo new column in Witches & Pagans
General: Blog, Creativity Cauldron, Read CP's chapters and comment

JUNE 2010

Write REVIEW of All Devon Monk books for Debuts & Reviews (Tia Nevitt)
Write Column #2 for Witches & Pagans (Anne N Niven) 1,200 words minimum
"Magick on a Shoestring" Samhain/Yule issue JUNE 30 ($)
June 8 MINI-WORKSHOP "Editing as You Go" on Creativity Cauldron
JUNE 8 Guest Blog on FFnP Blog/Loop (Sharon Pickrel)
JUNE 21 Promo info to FFnP Blog/Loop (Sharon Pickrel)
Write "12 Spells" for Llewellyn Datebook ($)
Write ARTICLES (various) for Llewellyn Annuals ($) [To be arranged]
Do PROMO for workshop on blog, FB, Twitter, MySpace
Do Promo for upcoming release of Everyday Witch A to Z Spellbook
JUNE 28 thru JULY 14 WORKSHOP Online FFnP Loop "Beyond Fangs" ($)
Write and send out online Newsletter (Promo for Everyday Witch Spellbook
General: Blog, Creativity Cauldron, CP's writing

JULY 2010


July 6 Guest Blog on Fang-tastic Books Blog (Roxanne Rhoads)
July 22nd Podcast Guest on The Parafactor (Bett Hamilton) 10 PM 1hr
Promo for Everyday Witch A to Z Spellbook
General: Blog, Creativity Cauldron, CP's writing

August 2010

August 9-15 MINI-WORKSHOP "Editing as You Go" on Savvy Authors
Write Article & Guest Blog for Llewellyn Journal (online) "Witchcraft on a Shoestring"
Promo upcoming release of Witchcraft on a Shoestring
Promo Saratoga appearance
September 2010


September 11 Author Appearance "A Magical Buffet of Authors"
Saratoga Barnes & Noble (multi-author event)


  1. Yikes--my head is spinning! Talk about a busy schedule. Mine looks calm in comparison, although I suspect it will be picking up soon enough. Right now I'm juggling: 1) edits and proofing of first book due to be published this winter; 2) getting ready to start revisions on second book to follow six months later; 3) finishing a wip unrelated to those two; 4) holding down my full-time "day job." Plus the usual blogs, crit group duties, contest judgings, etc. You gotta admit--it's a great life, though!

  2. Suzanne--I don't know, it sounds like you're pretty busy too! Congrats on the upcoming books. What are the titles?

    Part of the overload comes from juggling both a nonfiction career and a budding fiction career, and writing books for both!

    My day job is 3/4 time, which helps. The garden, on the other hand, is eating a lot of time at the moment...

  3. Very motivating for me to create a "To Do" list---I like that: Life of a Writer. Cute, yet helps me focus on the dedication to the craft.