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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Just One More Thing: The writing to do list

I keep adding "just one more thing" to my writing to-do list (which is almost as long as my everything-but-writing-to-do list, which tends to make me want to either weep, drink, or hire an illegal alien...or possibly an actual alien...never mind, that's a whole other blog post).

You may have noticed that the progress bar on my current WIP (work in progress) isn't moving nearly as fast as it usually does. That's because I have a whole slew of nonfiction obligations that mostly have to be done first, although I am occasionally sneaking in a few hours of work on the novel, so I don't loose ALL forward momentum.

I just finished reading and editing three short stories for an author friend of mine. Who needed them back ASAP, of course. And sent my first blog post to the new (and already insanely popular) multi-author blog for Witches & Pagans (where I do a regular column in the print magazine as well), Pagan Square. I'll let you know when it goes live. I also finished the copy edits for new Llewellyn book and sent them back to my editor.

Still on the list:
Four articles for various Llewellyn annuals--the Witches' Companion, the Magical Almanac, the Witches' Datebook, and the Sabbats annual.
Copy edits on the mini-ebook we're releasing at the same time as the Ritual book (or possibly a few weeks earlier)
Write and edit an interview for Witches & Pagans with my friend Alex Bledsoe.
Get interviewed by author pal C.S. MacCath for W & P
Write up workshop submissions for Pantheacon next year (the conference isn't until February, but I have to submit my proposals for workshop ideas way earlier than that. [Any requests, BTW? From those of you who attend.]
Write my next column for Witches & Pagans

And then there is blogging, writing long-overdue reviews of books I loved and want to recommend, and no doubt...just one more thing.

Tomorrow. How's your to-do list looking? Not as overwhelming as mine, I hope. (But I wouldn't bet on it.)

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