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Thursday, March 8, 2018

New Kitty Updates and a Bittersweet Anniversary

The new kitties are settling in well (you know, other than being completely crazy and destroying my house). I'm taking all three of them to my vet next week for a general look-over and to get all their info into the system. I'm curious to have weights on them (especially Koshka, who might end up getting large) and to see if my vet has an opinion about whether Koshka is a Maine Coon or a Norwegian Forest Cat.

They're mostly lovely, albeit still kitten wild. Harry often sleeps with me, sometimes Koshka does too. Ember doesn't seem to like the waterbed for some reason, and rarely stays up there for long. Koshka sometimes sits on my lap while I eat, although that means spending most of my time shoving his face away from my food. They're all very sweet.

But it's not the same.

It wasn't going to be, of course, and I knew that, but some days, like today, it is hard. Today is an anniversary that is important enough that it was written on my calendar every year: 16 years ago today, I brought home two kittens and their scared, sickly mother from the shelter. 16 years ago, my life became so much brighter because of Minerva, Mystic, and most especially Magic the Cat, Queen of the Universe, with whom I had a relationship unlike any other in my loooong history of cat-being-owned-by. I have missed Magic and Mystic every day since I lost them in January, but today was tougher than most.

They were so darned cute.

It's hard to believe they were ever that little. Especially Mystic.

But look at the size of his paws. I should have known he'd get huge.

The family together, Magic, Minerva, and look-alike son Mystic

They used to curl up together a lot. I was so glad I kept them together.
Having Ember, Koshka, and Harry Dresden is definitely helping--don't get me wrong. At least the house doesn't have that horrible empty feeling anymore and they really are adorable little cats. Even Angus doesn't seem to mind them much. But it is going to take time for me to stop mourning the old cats and get attached to the new ones.

Still, in the meanwhile, they're pretty cute too.

Koshka is trying to figure out if there are any good cat shows on

Harry's probably exhausted from all that running and romping.

Ember was running and romping with him, obviously.
All four cats on the couch. A lovely sight.
I'll let you know what the vet says after we go on Wednesday. In the meantime, I'm going to be a little sad today, but I'm sure someone cute will come cheer me up later.


  1. Oh my. Koshka is going to grow into that mane/ruff. And I empathize with the bittersweet. It takes all three I have now to fill the space created SkitterBug left with his passing. It's a different love with them individually and collectively. The new flavors of joy took about a year to become normal.

    1. A year was about what I was thinking. Most days are better than today, but these things always take time. Hugs for your loss of SkitterBug.

  2. It is hard. No cat is alike and no cat will replace another but you will build New and different relationships with your new cats. I still miss my Louie and the others that I lost before him.