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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Flowers That Bloom In The Fall, Tra La

10 points to Gryffindor for the first person who recognizes my play on words in the blog title and where it came from...

I posted all sorts of pictures in the spring of the flowers growing around my house, but there are actually quite a few things still blooming now that we are moving into fall. For instance:
Sunflowers in the garden. I planted them for the birds, who have already started working on them.

Phllox and jewel weed. It really is a weed, but the hummingbirds love the little orange blossoms, so I don't pull it out.

More phlox. This was here when I moved in, and it shows up in bits and pieces.

Black-eyes Susans in front of the house. I planted a seed mix last year and this was what I got. Not exactly the mix of flowers I was expecting, but pretty.

The field next to my house, full of Queen Anne's lace, lots of yellow goldenrod, and some wild purple things I can't identify...

Anyone know what those purple flowers are?

Milkweed, which is the main food of the monarch butterfly

And lurking amid it all...the devil itself--RAGWEED!
That last one is probably my least favorite plant in the world. (You can at least avoid poison ivy. The only way to avoid ragweed is to move to the damned desert.) I have been allergic to it since I was a kid. So yes, I bought a house surrounded on three sides by fields full of the stuff. Sigh. It's the spike-y tower-y looking stuff. Doesn't look like it could torture a person from the beginning of August until the first hard killing frost, does it?

Still, soon enough the snow will be covering it all and I will be longing for the flowers that bloom in the fall. All except one...

Tune in tomorrow, because there is another giveaway coming up!


  1. Asters. Pretty purple asters. Although there's probably some knapweed in there too, which is the same color and size, but a different flower shape.

    I do know the quote, but not enough coffee has illuminated the brain cells yet.

    1. Asters! I knew I'd seen them before, but I'm terrible at plant names.

  2. Love the fields. Are you able to go walking in them, or does the Ragweed end any thought of that? Your Milkweed looks different from the kind I have here in my garden in FL. I love that you have flowers for the birds. I have a little hummingbird that comes to visit my Red Pentas most mornings.

  3. The fields are so overgrown, I probably couldn't walk through them even if the ragweed wasn't there, but as it is, trying it would probably kill me :-)