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Monday, June 22, 2015

COVER REVEAL! Wickedly Powerful

I don't suppose anyone out there is interested in seeing the cover of the next Baba Yaga book, Wickedly Powerful. What, you are? You're sure? Okay, here is the cover of Bella's story, coming in February 2016. What do you think? [I have to confess, I just love it!]

And yes, we finally have a cat on the cover! That's Bella's Chudo-Yudo, a dragon disguised as a huge Norwegian Forest Cat (she calls him Koshka).

Thanks again to my pal Alex Bledsoe for the great quote on the cover!


  1. That's pretty awesome! Can't wait!

  2. I love that her dragon is a big kitty!!

  3. Cover looks great - can't wait for the book! (Although it seems I must - February 2016?!?! Oh, the humanity!)

  4. I love it too. (It was so much fun to finally have a kitty...) And Beth, there is a LOT of fire in the book.

  5. Love this! And there's a kitteh - sold!

  6. Wow! That is a great cover :-)

    1. I love it. Of course, my two favorite colors are black and red...

  7. I LOVE her! She reminds me of myself when I regularly dyed my hair that color (damn poverty!) and that's pretty much the style I live in too. And....and....KITTY! Kitties ALWAYS trump. Can't WAIT until it comes out. Now I know what to tell my husband to get me for Valentine's Day, assuming he doesn't take me to Barnes and Noble again and let's me pick out some......