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Friday, August 15, 2014

Ongoing Giveaways and Feline Friday

Hey all--I'm running late (and if I'm late to work, I have to fire myself, which would suck) so I'm just going to throw up a couple of quick updates:

My publisher Berkley is giving away TWENTY copies of Wickedly Dangerous on Goodreads, but the giveaway ends next Tuesday, August 19th! Hurry over and enter.

I got wild and crazy and threw a quickie giveaway up on my author page on Facebook--but that ends at midnight tonight. Quick as a bunny, go enter! Giveaway on Facebook Just look for the "giveaway" tab at the top of the page.

REALLY excited to see my name show up at the Bitten By Books Weekly Poll -- I went to go vote in this week's "Pick your most anticipated upcoming release" poll, and there was Wickedly Dangerous! What a great surprise! Of course, it isn't anywhere near the top of the voting, because there are authors like Kim Harrison and Patricia Briggs, but thankfully, you can vote for three. The poll closes on Sunday, so if you are so inclined, and my book IS one of your most anticipated, I'd love it if you'd go vote for me so I don't look completely unloved. Snort.

And keep an eye out, because I think I'm probably going to put up the mother of all giveaways starting next Tuesday, when it will be TWO WEEKS before Wickedly Dangerous comes out. (*faints*)

In the meanwhile, I hope you are doing something fun this weekend. Here is your Feline Friday amusement... Mystic (and friends) helping me to work on revisions. Or, you know, not.

I printed out all 160 pages, spent an hour and a half brainstorming with my CP Lisa and scribbling notes on the manuscript. Too bad I couldn't read it through the large gray mass sitting on top of it. No, I never did get the revisions done that night. Guess what I'm doing this weekend...

A rare picture of all five cats at once. SEE, I really do have five!

You're welcome.


  1. I really enjoyed Wickedly Magical and am looking forward to getting Wickedly Dangerous when it is available. I hope all goes well with the release of the book and all that goes with that.

    Mystic and friends look really relaxed. Is this to lull you into a false sense of security while they plot the feline takeover of everything?

    1. Pretty much, yes. And I believe it is working...

  2. That's a nice editorial comment:"It's fine, you don't need to work on it, I'll just keep it tidy for you."
    Mary Anne in Kentucky