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Friday, November 15, 2013

Feline Friday: The Contest Winners Version

Thanks SO much to everyone who took part in my "By the Number" contest. We didn't actually reach any of my goals, but I hope y'all had fun anyway, so I decided to pick THREE winners. Just because I can :-)

The first winner is Toni Linenberger, the second is Michele Merritt Dochat, and the third is Ravena Rose. All the winners should have received emails telling them how to contact me. Congrats to them, and thanks to everyone -- to me, you are all winners!

And here is your Feline Friday cute cat fix for the week. I hope your weekend is grand.

 Here's Minerva--it's hard to tell from this, but she is actually watching the first snowflakes of the year come down. I think she finds them fascinating...easy for her, since she is an inside cat, and never has to go out in them,
 Now that it is cold, I've fired up the pellet stove again. Little Samhain loves to sit up there; I think because she is tiny and sick, she feels the cold more than your average cat. (The bricks on the front are not particularly attractive, I know, but that spot gets *hot* and it is the only way to keep her from sitting there anyway.)
 Minerva likes the spot too, apparently. This is her "I was here first and I'm not moving" face.
There was some disagreement on that score.
Magic refused to get involved.
Just for the record...the tiny cat finally won.

Here's hoping you find a nice warm spot to sit! Happy Friday!


  1. LOVE the cat pics, as well as the storyline. And I'm so glad Samhain won. She deserves to.

    1. She makes up in stubbornness what she lacks in size :-)

  2. Congrats to the winners! Raiju leapt onto our stove and promptly shot off. His little paws got singed and peeled a bit. Poor thing learned the hard way. :-/