Friday, October 18, 2013

Full Moon Feline Friday

Since tonight is the full moon, I thought I'd devote this week's Feline Friday to the black cat in the household. After all, everyone knows what the great philosophers say:
"Black cats are magical and cool."
(Magic the Cat)

Happy Friday, and I hope your weekend holds something wonderful.

 Greetings and salutations from Magic the Cat. I'll wait while you bow.

 I am a black cat. I am magical.
 See? I made the sun shine on me!
 I like to supervise the gathering of items used in ritual (see "magical" above). This was Mabon, back in September.
This is the book Deborah and I are reading right now. We LOVE Tamora Pierce! (There is a character in the book who has SEVEN cats!) What are you reading now?


  1. Magic, you look MAHVELOUS!!!

    Right now I'm reading books by Donna Andrews from the Meg Langslow series. You'd like the titles of her books as they contain the names of birds.

    Enjoy the moonshine tonight.

    1. I love, love, love Donna Andrews! I just finished reading her latest one and it was fabulous as usual. Enjoy!

  2. I love black cats! My previous cat was a silky, shiny black. I plan to get at least one black cat when I finally get my own cats. And I am very happy to be living with a wonderful, fluffy, affectionate ball of fur right now, even if he isn't black!

    Currently I am in between books, but I suddenly have a large TBR pile!

  3. J D Robb's In Death series. Loving Eve Dallas and Roarke.