Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fast and Easy Protection Work

Y'all asked for it, so here it is. Let me know if you have any questions.

Fast and Easy Protection Work

I think it is natural to feel a little more vulnerable as winter approaches. The nights grow longer and the days colder, and some echo in the back of our ancestral brainstem tells us that soon food with be scarce and predators will prowl. (Which explains why I suddenly want to eat lots of fattening comfort foods. Thank you SO much, hindbrain.)

This makes the fall a perfect time to do some fast and easy protection magick. You don’t have to do long and complicated rituals, or even be a full-time full-on practicing witch. Folks have been doing this kind of work forever.

First, put together a quick herbal protection mix. In the best of all possible worlds, you would grow the herbs yourself (I do). But not everyone has a garden, or the inclination to grow stuff. So feel free to pick these up at a local health food store, New Age store, or even the grocery store, if that’s all you’ve got. (Herbs tend to be fresher and more powerful if you buy them loose from bulk bins, rather than getting them from the spice section, where they have often been irradiated, and might been years old. The bonus—they’re cheaper when purchased loose, and you can use what’s left for cooking later.) I use dried herbs because it is easier, but fresh will work fine too.

Mix together these herbs: basil, rosemary, and sage, crumbling the leaves with your fingers or a mortar and pestle. Place them in a container with some sea salt (regular will do if that’s all you have). If you’re going to use the mix outside, add some garlic powder. For inside use, maybe just a token sprinkle, so you don’t stink up the place. You can stop there, or add a few drops of any magickal protection oil. If you want an extra oomph, you can bless and consecrate this mixture on your altar, or leave it out under the light of the full moon. But if you’re in a hurry, it will work just fine as is. Putting this together will take you less than five minutes, but remember to focus on your intention—protection—as you combine all the ingredients.

Then go around your home and sprinkle the mixture while repeating the following spell. You can do it inside or outside (you may have to vacuum if you do it inside, but wait a day or two), and you can use the same spell to protect your vehicle. Again—this doesn’t have to take more than about five minutes, but it is important to really FOCUS during those brief moments. Put all your energy and will into your intention of protecting those things and people that are precious to you.

House Protection Spell
(works for cars, too)

I call upon the gods above
To protect and guard this place [car] I love
Earth and water, air and fire
Keep it safe as I desire
Protect my home [car] and those within
From pest and illness, floods and wind
From any who would cause it harm
Protect it with this magic charm
Keep safe and sheltered this my place
With shining light and shining grace
Earth and water, air and fire
Keep it safe as I desire
So mote it be

Stay safe out there, people!


  1. Oh, that's lovely! Given that I'm not sure how thrilled my housemates would be about my doing this, I think I'll do it outside on a day they are gone. I think they just wouldn't understand.

    And I'm totally doing this for my car! I assume you did this for Luna as soon as you got her? :)

  2. That would have been a good idea, wouldn't it? Alas, I didn't write the new spell or do the protection work on Luna until AFTER I got rear-ended last week. (My previous protection work was geared around the house.)