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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Get Yer Workshops While They're Hot!

I always feel a little bit odd about doing promo--as if I were hawking my wares on the street, yelling to all those walking by, "Get yet workshops while they're hot!" (Or books, or whatever it is I'm trying to draw attention to.) On the other hand, for those people who are interested in what I do...and I'm assuming that's at least A FEW of the folks who read my blog...how are they to know unless I tell them?

So here is a reminder of the couple of classes I have coming up, and a gentle reiteration of the warning I gave last month: that this is probably the last time I'll be giving them, since I need to focus more of my time and energy on the writing, now that I have a fiction book contract. If you were planning to take either a witchcraft or a writing workshop with me, better get them while they're hot!

At my own Workshop Loop I will be giving Herbal Magick & Kitchen Alchemy at the end of this month, Tuesday 28th-Thursday 30th. The class is given online via a Yahoo loop; I post the lessons in the morning, and come back throughout the day to respond to comments and questions. The students can check in at their own convenience. The class is $15.

[And while you're there registering for this class, don't forget to check out Heather Long's "Worldbuilding for the Paranormal Author," which she'll be giving in June, while I'm off doing the following]

In June, from the 3rd-14th, I'll be over at the FFnP (Futuristic, Fantasy and Paranormal RWA Chapter) giving my popular Witchcraft for the Paranormal Author class. You don't need to be a member of either the chapter or RWA to take it. (click on the class name on the top to register) -- $15 for FFnP members, $20 for everyone else. This is my most popular writing class, in which I help authors who write paranormal fiction to learn how to craft more realistic witch characters. We always have a ton of fun!

After this, I'll be presenting the new "Crystals and Gemstones Magick" class in September...and then the plan is to be done with classes, at least for now. As much as I love giving them, there simply isn't enough time to do everything! So get 'em while they're hot, or not at all :-)


  1. Sparkly vibes that you keep having enough book contracts to keep you from having time to teach. Or maybe just teach the Witchcraft for the Paranormal Writer class. :)

    1. Thanks Skye! Eventually I'll figure out the balance and maybe be able to sneak in the occasional class, but for right now, I need to concentrate on the Baba Yagas :-)

  2. YAY for book contracts! And in the meantime, YAY for classes!

    Payday is Friday - is that too late to sign up? Just making sure.

    Also, maybe I'm lame, but I keep not being able to find the sign-up for the Wheel class, the one on the sabbats. Help? :)


  3. Sign-up will be open through Monday night, because of the holiday, although earlier is better for Heather, so she doesn't have to do it all at the last minute.

    As for the Sabbats workshop, follow this link and then look under the first two classes listed.

    1. Ugh, busy weekend, so only getting to this /now/ but YAY signed up for All. The. Things. \o/ Looking forward to these classes!

    2. Yay! Will see you there will bells on :-)