Friday, April 26, 2013

Feline Friday: The Big Changes Version

Here is one reality of life--some things never change. For instance, here is Magic the Cat, waiting (somewhat impatiently) for me to bring my breakfast into the living room, where I eat every morning because the light is amazing and I can watch the birds out the window. She's excited because I am eating cereal with cut up strawberries, and she loves strawberries. Yes, my Magic is Not Your Average Cat. You're just figuring this out? (In case you were wondering, that is Kim Harrison's new book I'm reading. Fab, as always.)

On the other hand, change is necessary for growth, and periodically we tend to hit times of major change and shift. This can be unsettling, especially if you are an uber-rooted Taurus (snort). I'll admit it--I'm not good with change.

Except right now.

Things are definitely changing and shifting, and not always in comfortable easy ways. But I am embracing the change, because it just feels like TIME.

I've finally gotten a fiction book deal after 7 years (interestingly, 7 is not only a traditional number for change--like the 7 year itch people in relationships are said to get--but also a biological fact...every 7 years, all the cells in your body have changed. You are literally a new person.).

And achieving that goal, after being focused on it for so long, frees me up to look around and see what else I need to be doing. Don't get me wrong: the hard work is just starting. But I don't have to be quite as driven in that particular direction and so now I am working at getting rid of old patterns that don't work for me and setting up new ones that do.

I'm now on an "internet diet" -- no Facebook, Twitter, or blogging on the weekends. If it is possible (within my obligations), I won't be on the internet at all on Saturdays and Sundays. If there is something I have to do, I'm zipping on and off again. It's amazing how much time this has freed up, and how much more relaxed I feel.

I am also back to a regular (although not yet every day) meditation practice, working at increasing my exercise, and taking a close look at the people and patterns in my life to see what works, and what doesn't.

Change is scary, but sometimes good. Are you working on any changes in your life? Does it feel good, or scare you...or both?

Oh, and don't forget to enter my Celebration Palooza Giveaway to help me celebrate both the book deal, and my birthday this Sunday. (And yes, I might pop onto Facebook for ten minutes to thank people for any birthday greetings...)

Here's something I hope doesn't change for a long time--a reasonably healthy Samhain, lazing in the sun.
Happy Friday, all!


  1. Don't tell the others, but I think Samhain is the cutest.

    1. She is pretty adorable. Although when Magic is feeling affectionate, and snuggling up by my head in bed purring like a raceboat, she's pretty cute too. Of course, Angus is just a nutball, and...okay--I think the cutest one is whichever one is sucking up to me right now :-)

      Can't wait to see you and Jim tomorrow!

  2. Samhain is awfully sweet. I love black cats like Magic, so I'd have to say they are a tie for me.

    I understand the change thing: I am having to give up old routines, thoughts, etc., and embrace the huge changes I've made and continue to make more. I'm going to try to enjoy it, too. :)

    Good luck to you as you make your changes. I hope they, in turn, change things for the better for you!

    1. Skye--you're been part of the inspiration for my changes. I figured if you could be brave enough to uproot your whole life, I could make some shifts in mine...

      You're my hero :-)

  3. Happy Birthday! May your special day be filled with loving friends and family and happy, purring felines.

  4. I have the snoozing cat's all he does! :-)

    As a Taurus myself I understand the reluctance to change only too well so good luck in your new "normal".


  5. Happy birthday month, my fav witchy writer!
    Hope your Internet Diet works fabulously: wish I had your resolve.. it is TRULY a time waster!
    Kiss the kitties...

    1. I'm making a brief exception today to gather up all my birthday wishes :-)

  6. You're changes all sound so long-term good! I am working on some changes with my daughters. Not in cement yet but getting there.

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