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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Newsletter Time!

As some of you know, I put out a (theoretically) quarterly newsletter, to let everyone know what thrilling things I've been up to. Well, okay, there is hardly ever anything REALLY thrilling to report, but, hey, you never know. 

Anyway, it is almost time for the spring edition of the newsletter, so if you want to receive it and you aren't signed up, you can go to my website and sign up at the bottom of the page. 

Hey--what are you still doing here?! Go on, sign up! Tell all your friends to sign up! Tell your cat to sign up. (Really, Magic the Cat says so.)

And this time, there might even be some exciting news...just sayin'.


  1. So is Magic the Cat doing more of your marketing and promotion these days? You ought to get all the little darlings working for their keep. :)

    1. Sadly, no. I'm just doing more marketing for her, too :-)