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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Romance, a Fantasy, and a YA...Oh My

I promised myself I wasn't going to buy any more books until I'd emptied off more of my To Be Read shelf. It's not my fault that three of my favorite authors have new releases. Is it?

I mean, who could resist THIS? I'm not usually a fan of the Harlequin Blaze romance series...but when Candace Havens writes one...it goes on my automatic order shelf. I mean, seriously...YUM.


And then there is Tanya Huff. She writes fantasy, paranormal romance, and all sorts of groovy things. Her new book, THE WILD WAYS, looks truly intriguing... Check this out:
"The Gales are an amazing family, the aunts will strike fear into your heart, and the characters Allie meets are both charming and terrifying." -#1 New York Times bestselling author Charlaine Harris
Alysha Gale's cousin Charlotte is a Wild Power, who allies herself with a family of Selkies in a fight against offshore oil drilling. The oil company has hired another of the Gale family's Wild Powers, the fearsome Auntie Catherine, to steal the Selkies' sealskins. To defeat her, Charlotte will have to learn what born to be Wild really means in the Gale family...

And then there is my favorite YA fantasy author, Tamora Pierce. I have read every book she has ever written, and loved each one more than the last. Her books are full of strong female protagonists, interesting characters, and amazing world building. MASTIFF is the third in the Beka Cooper series. If you haven't read her books, run don't walk to the nearest bookstore...

What book did you buy recently that you would recommend to others? And which one of these would you get first?


  1. I bought Mastiff too! I've been pining for it! I love Tamora Pierce with a fierce fire! :) Possibly even more than I love Jennifer Crusie, but it's a tough choice.

  2. Wasn't that an awful horrible long wait for the second in the Beka Cooper series? Just about killed me. I, too, love Tamora Pierce with a fierce fire and (ta-da!) so does my girl child!! Woot! And the new Tanya Huff is out?! Woo-hoo!! *runs off to buy a new book*

  3. Ok as soon as I have time to read anything longer than a blog post, I'm checking out this Beka Cooper business. Sounds amazing.

  4. Lora, you don't know Tamora Pierce?! *swoons* Okay, this is only the latest of her series'. She has, oh, half a dozen, plus a few singles, set in a couple of different worlds. They totally rock!

  5. What Skye said :-)
    Tamora Pierce (along with Jennifer Crusie) is one of the few authors I buy in hardcover, rather than wait an extra year for the paperback. It's worth it, since I know I'm going to reread them over and over...

  6. Tanya Huff, the woman who gave us Blood Ties!! I loved those.
    I was not aware of Ms. Pierce - I will be checking her out. Thanks :-)