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Saturday, October 29, 2011

More Trick than Treat

Here in Upstate New York, Mother Nature seems to be taking the "trick" in "trick or treat" a little too literally...

I was hoping for BOO! Not boo hoo... And it is just getting started.

Hope you're all warm and safe.


  1. Oh my Goddess. I have been watching this on the Weather Channel and thinking of several friends in that area (you are one of them). This is just too early. Really. I love fall but not too crazy about winter with the snow and ice. Keep warm and safe, Deborah. And the same for the kitties, of course.
    Deborah C.

  2. Did you get much accumulation? We got nothing here in Ithaca.

  3. We got about 3 inches of heavy wet snow. Going out in a few minutes to shovel out the path and the circle :-)

  4. Ugh. And this is why I live way down south now. Snow is much prettier from a distance. My sympathies. Take care and don't hurt yourself with all that damned shoveling. On the other hand, it means you don't have to go to a gym!