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Friday, July 8, 2011

What Was In The Box? BOOKS! And contest winners

For those of you who weren't around yesterday, you missed all the fun! I posted a picture of a LARGE and MYSTERIOUS BOX, and asked people to guess what was in it. The winner would get part of what was inside.

As you can see from the picture above, what was inside was LOTS and LOTS of BOOKS.

Many people guessed that the box contained copies of my newest book, but since my newest book is being written right now, alas, that wasn't true. The books, as winners ROBENA and SIERRA so cleverly surmised, are my booty from my recent trip to NYC and RWA. Some of them I bought at the literacy signing, and some I picked up at the various publisher book signings, and some were given out during the course of the conference. And, to be fair, about a third of that pile are autographed for and destined to be given to my pal Robin, who was supposed to go this year and couldn't.

Most of the books I picked up for myself are signed to me. But there are nine books that are up for grabs, and winners Sierra and Robina get to pick one of those and I will send it to them as their prize!

NOTE: Robena and Sierra can email me at magicmysticminerva at yahoo or contact me at the BettyVerse in FB so they can tell me their choice and give me an address to sent it to.

This was so much fun--I think I'll have to mail myself mysterious boxes more often!!! Thanks to everyone who took part.

There is a little bit of everything here: historical romance by Grace Burrowes (HEIR) and Mary Nalogh (A SECRET AFFAIR), two SF/paranormal romance by Joss Ware (BEYOND THE NIGHT, EMBRACE THE NIGHT ETERNAL), paranormal romance from Stephanie Rowe (TOUCH IF YOU DARE), Jenna Black (THE DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND), and Kristina Douglas (our own Krissie/Anne Stuart RAZIEL), a romantic suspense by Susan Crandall (SLEEP NO MORE), and a contemporary romance by Lori Wilde (THE FIRST LOVE COOKIE CLUB).

Have fun picking, ladies! And no fighting! They're all good...


  1. So much for my intuitive skills! :)

    No books about camels? I was so sure there was a camel in there.

  2. Skye--
    Keep in mind that I've only read two of the books in the entire pile (Jenny's and Barbara O'Neal). So there could very well be a camel in there somewhere :-)

  3. Wow! I seldom win anything. Thank you. I'll take the Cookie Club book if Sierra doesn't want it, but she can have first choice as by the time on the comments she made hers first. ; ) Other than that the historical ? Scandalous Affair. I'f forgotten the title but the cover is a lady in a red dress. I'll send my info by email.