Friday, May 20, 2011

Feline Friday--Mystic the Magnificent

Everyone knows Magic the Cat (Queen of the Universe), my co-author on the two Everyday Witch A to Z books. But not everyone has met her brother Mystic (the Magnificent). When they were kittens, Magic and Mystic were the same size, as you can see from the photo below. But Mystic just kept growing. Magic is about 11 lbs; fairly average for a cat. Mystic hit over 18 lbs at one point. Since going on a diet, he is at a nice, healthy 16.8 or so. And he's not fat--he's just HUGE. His shoulders are a good inch or two above the other cats.

Luckily, he is mostly, well, a pussycat, with a very mellow nature. Except when if comes to tiny 7 lb Samhain, who for some reason he has disliked since the moment I adopted her. I have to keep them apart, or he tried to murdalize her. No idea why.

Other than that, though, he is just a big, sweet guy. Unless you're a mouse. But that's a story for another day...


  1. Such a boy! Lurvs his Jello-tummy! No murdalizing Samhain, Mr. Man! I thought I was the only one to use that word. Was that the Three Stooges that raised us, Deborah?

  2. Kathy--I'm afraid so. It's a wonder my sisters and I didn't poke eachother's eyes out :-) Yuk, yuk, yuk.

    My old vet used to call those kind of bellies "tummy jowls" I love it.

  3. Oh, i LOVE the double mouse story! i still have that in my emai account--it's one of my favorite peices of your writing, Deb :-)

  4. hey Robin! That was one of my favorite stories ever--even more so because it was true :-)

    Have to see you soon..pining bigtime!