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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spell Sundays

I'm celebrating the upcoming release of my fourth book from Llewellyn, EVERYDAY WITCH A TO Z SPELLBOOK by sharing a few of the spells from the book on Sundays here and there. (The book will be out in July.)

Since we are about to enter Mercury in Retrograde, an astronomical time when things (especially mechanical and electrical things) tend to go awry, it seemed like a good time post the spell I wrote to deal with M in R. Hope it helps!

And in the meanwhile, if you're doing anything important on the computer, don't forget to back it up!

To do the spell: fill a bowl with water, and light a black candle (white is okay if you don't have black).

If possible, say the spell the day before Mercury enters retrograde (I think it starts Tuesday, this time around). The idea is to divert any negative or chaotic energy in the bowl of water--and thus, away from you. When Mercury comes out of retrograde, flush the "dirty" water or pour it out somewhere where it won't hurt anything.

Mercury in Retrograde
Trouble in a clear blue sky
Bringing chaos in your wake
Who knows where and who knows why

Mercury in Retrograde
Stay away from me and mine
Confine your energy to this bowl
Until the planets realign


  1. I'm going to give it a try. Here's hoping :)

    Great post!


  2. All right, Deborah, I'm going to start saying it.
    Thanks for the spell.