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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Creativity Cauldron!

A strange thing happened on the way to my last workshop...

Well, really, it happened with my first workshop too.

We had a great bunch of folks for the "Witchcraft for the Paranormal Author" class I gave last October at the LowcountryRWA loop. Enthusiastic, willing to help each other, lots of intelligent comments...just wonderful. And when the class was ending, a number of the people who took the workshop asked if I would consider starting a loop to keep things going.

I said no.

Well, what I said was, "No, thank you so much--but I'm really too busy."

And then as the end of the "Beyond Fangs" class was drawing near, I got the same request. People said they loved the way I interacted with the class and facilitated the conversations. They said it was a great bunch of people--helpful, all working on improving their (paranormal) writing. That there was something here that they hadn't found on other loops. Pretty please.

So I thought about it, and finally said, "Yes, if someone will agree to administer the loop." And the fabulous Holly said yes (with a little help from Mary in Oz). And so the Creativity Cauldron was born.

It is a place for those who write any form of paranormal (we have a few SF folks, too, and even Middle Grade and Ya writers) who want to work on improving their writing skills, have others to bounce ideas off of, and generally be supportive and supported by a small but enthusiastic community. We have those just starting out, and those who are multi-published. We do mini-workshops, writing challenges, exchange critiques and information about things like workshops. The only real rule is "play nice."

If you think the Creativity Cauldron might be the place for you, feel free to send me a note or leave a comment saying so. It is by invitation, so you can go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CreativityCauldron/?yguid=373532748 to apply.

Come stir the creativity cauldron with us, if you dare :-)


  1. I love to read and write paranormals. And I'm so glad you started the group. I'm hoping to learn more and more from everyone on there.
    Teresa R.

  2. Hey Deborah,

    I just posted the link to this post for another group I belong to: Tarot Journaling group,
    Hope to see a few here or joining the loop.