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Friday, February 26, 2010

Snowtacular 2010

I was going to post about the rest of my trip to CA today, with pics of the fam and the lovely San Diego beach I was on. Instead, I'm going to give you a peak at the upstate NY Snowtacular, with a beach scene for ironic contrast!

Let me just say that it was wonderful to visit with my parents, my sister Becky and her husband Nick and my nephew Stamo (12) and Athena (14). Not to mention my grandmother, who will be turning 99 in April! And I loved the day on the ocean, where we collected shells and pretty rocks (which my sister will be shipping to me in a set-price Post Office box...sorry about the box of rocks, dudes!) and I soaked up the sun and warmth to get me through the rest of the NYS winter.

Turns out I was going to need it.

We got 6" of snow a couple of days ago, and another 2 FEET or so yesterday. They declared a "no drive" state of emergency in both Delaware Cty where I live and Otsego Cty where I work. So I closed the store and stayed home to clear off the roof and hunker down until it is over. Mostly light snow now, thankfully, and the sun is coming out in patches. But lots of wet, heavy snow threatening to take down power lines, and wind gusts of over 30 MPH making even the plowed roads rough.

Is it spring yet?


  1. Oh my! Do stay warm! I hope you have a fireplace. I get nervous for people who only live on electric, when there are storms like that!

    I'm glad you did get some beach time in - the sun will have hopefully upped your Vit D enough to ride out this latest storm. Take care!

    ....it is pretty though...

  2. Lol - having just taken another peek at the pics, I noticed the huge chimney! Yes - I'm not quite awake yet! Glad you will be warm!

  3. Actually, that's an only chimney that isn't connected to anything! No fireplace, and all my heat required electricity to keep it going. So far so good, though!